Let Your Icing Flow- How to Unclog Icing Tips

How to unclog an Icing Tip via thebearfootbaker.com

Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow! I sometimes get in such a zone decorating that I leave my icing tip exposed to the air. We all know what that does! It clogs the end of the tip and you can squeeze until your veins pop but no icing will come out. I […]

Add a Little Drama to Your Cookies!

1 1 Spiced Molasses Cookies

Let me start by saying, “I hate drama!” If you have friends that cause you drama, I suggest you get new friends! See… This is WAY TO MUCH DRAMA!!! LOL! Yes, that is me Saran Wrapped to a wooden pole while my friends beat me up!!! You don’t need this drama! LOL

You’ve Got Mail

9 You've Got Mail

I love the movie “You’ve Got Mail!” It is a cute love story and I cry at the end every time I watch it! It makes me happy to curl up on the couch with my favorite blanket and a cup of hot chocolate and just get lost in New York City with Tom Hanks […]

My Favorite Icing Bowl

4 Icing Bowl

I know you will probably think I am obsessive when you read this. Well, I am!  I have 2 identical bowls I use for mixing my icing colors and I have convinced myself that I can’t make the right consistency of icing without them. I do not use them for anything else. They are for […]

Make Your Own Hanging Cup Cookies

Hanging Cup Cookies www.thebearfootbaker.com

I recently went shopping with my friend Johnna aka The Polka-Dot Zebra and we found some hanging cup cookie cutters.  They were really cute but very basic. When I got home, I remembered some cookies that Johnna made last fall. She showed us we could make our own hanging cup cookies with almost any cookie cutter […]

Cookie Bag Topper Tutorial

9 Bag Tutorial

Growing up, I was never a “girly girl” because I was to busy fishing, climbing trees, riding my bike, and playing football. I liked to catch bugs and watch them for a few hours and set them free. I never played with anything that had a bow until now. On this cookie journey, I need […]

What will it BEE?

9 What will it bee .jpeg

I want to share something exciting with you. I am going to become a grandma in June! I am so excited!! Chase is my oldest son and a few years ago, he fell in love with Anne. I can see why he did because she is amazing! Then, they got married! One day, a few […]

Kiss Me Freebie

I know I just posted yesterday but I wanted to give you free Cookie Bag Toppers. You can use these for the “Kiss Me, I ‘m a Prince” or the “Want Some Kisses?” or other cookies. You could just fill them full of Hershey Kisses if you don’t have time to make cookies. Happy Valentine’s Day! […]

Want Some Kisses?

Hershey white

How about a bag full of kisses? I love this idea. They are soooooo simple! If you need to make cookies for Valentine’s Day, these are super quick to make so you still have time.  There is only one color so that means only 1 bag off icing. Now don’t let them fool you, they […]

Kiss Me, I’m a Prince!

8 1 Kiss Me

I don’t know why but I think frogs with little crown are so cute. I have seen several in the scrapbook isles and a few have made me laugh out loud! The only thing that stopped me from making one was finding the cutter. I finally found one this week! A cute little cutter of […]

Kiss Me Cookie Bag Topper

Kiss Me

Valentines Day is almost here and I have had so much fun making cookie and cookie bag toppers. I hope you have enjoyed them. I have a few more Valentine’s cookies to make for you so come back soon. Click here to print. Happy Creating,

Photo Boards for Your Pictures

Photo Board

When I began my cookie journey, I had a lot of questions about everything. I felt like a sponge trying to soak up all the information I could. Your photos can make your cookies look AMAZING or just alright! I know how hard we work to make pretty cookies and I want us all to […]

I’d Snap at the Chance to be Your Valentine!

I'd Snap 1

My daughter found this card on Pinterest. She thought it was funny. Then, she asked me to make some alligator cookies for her. I thought about it for about 2 seconds and told her I loved the idea! This is what we came up with:

Tip for No Clog “0” and “00” PME Tips

2 1 Tip Clog

Are you tired of clogged tips? Do you want to make fine lines with icing? Do you want to decorate “Frustration Free?” Do you want flat abs? (oops…wrong infomercial!) Well, I have a “tip” for you!!! I do not like infomercials but sometimes they get your attention. Well, I want your attention for today’s “Quick Tip.” […]