Fox Face . . . You’re a Star!

Fox Cookies 16

I was very happy when Callye from Sweet Sugar Belle asked me to participate in a project with her. She wanted to show 20+ ways to make things from a star cutter.  She asked several bloggers and cookie friends to participate. I told her I would love to play but, then I panicked!! What in […]

Popsicle Cookies by LilaLoa (Guest Post)


Have you ever had a friend you have never seen in person? Have you ever asked that friend for a favor? Did that friend do that favor for you without any questions and give you something that blew your mind?  Well, it happened to me! I asked Georganne aka LilaLoa (one of my favorite blogs BTW) to […]

Patriotic Rosette Cookies

Patriotic Rosette Cookies 17

I have a very important job on the 4th of July every year. I am on of the “Official Fireworks Lighters!” (I know that is not a real thing but, let me feel special and important!) Every year at camp we have a 4th of July fireworks show. We set up a table at the […]

Wedding Cake Cookies

Wedding Cake Cookie 10 a

I am a tomboy. It is true. I don’t know how I got that way, but it happened. I don’t follow the latest fashion or have my nails done more than twice a year. I do however, love wedding cake. Does that make me less of a tomboy? Well, what if I make wedding cake […]

Lobster Cookie-Simple Seafood Cookies

Lobster Cookies

Every time I go to the beach, I try to buy a lobster trap. My husband and I always get into a discussion about having enough room to bring the trap home. He always suggest that I make lobster cookies instead. I try to explain to him that the lobster trap will be used as […]