Zucchini Bread (Mattie’s Recipe)

Zucchini Bread H

Camp is over and it was a BLAST! Some of the cutest kids in the world were here! I am going to miss them and the funny stories they tell us. I am also going to miss the staff and volunteers but, one thing I will not miss is Mattie’s Zucchini Bread! She gave me […]

I Met Sprinkle Bakes!

Sprinkle Bakes 5

OK! Fate took over and I got to meet the awesome Sprinkle Bakes! It was like getting together with an old friend! Heather Baird is the author of “Sprinkle Bakes” and is an award winning blogger. She is from my home town and she had a book signing that I didn’t know anything about. This […]

Ruffled Butterfly Cookies


I saw a swimsuit at camp this year that made me giddy! A super cute camper had it on and it had the cutest ruffled butterfly on the front. My head started spinning with ideas on how to make it into a cookie. This is how I find inspiration. I constantly look at things around me and find cute […]

Ladybug Rice Krispie Treat


Isn’t Dot a great name for a ladybug? I didn’t think of it. Jon our Special Activities Director thought of it and I liked it so much I decided to make some Ladybug Rice Krispie Treat. I saw this cute watermelon post from Glorious Treats. She was inspired by Dine and Dish‘s watermelons which inspired me […]

Camp…It’s what we do! (Part One)

Water Snake

I thought I would share a little of my “Camp Life” with you today. I know when I tell people that I work at a Summer Camp and Spiritual Retreat Center, they immediately think I ride horses and play in the lake all day. Well, I do ride horses and play in the lake but, […]

Parchment Paper Light Box for Natural Light

Outdoor Light Box 3

Yes, you read the title correctly! Did you know you can use parchment paper for more than baking? You can! I use it for all sorts of things but, the most unique is for my photography. Let’s face it, you can have the most beautiful cookies in the world and they can look bad because […]

The Bearfoot Baker Link Party #14 Summer

The Bearfoot Baker Link Party via www.thebearfootbaker.com

It is HOT outside! We have broke a few heat records here this year. The hottest day so far was 106 degrees! It is hot enough to melt the leaves off the trees! I bet your summer cookies are going to be much hotter than the weather!!  I can’t wait to see ice cream, watermelon, […]

Patriotic Cupcakes with Rosettes

Patriotic Cupcakes by thebearfootbaker.com

Do you decorate on the 4th of July? Do you hang cute banners on your porch? I want to be one of those people who have the flag blowing in the wind with the banners lining my porch handrails but, I don’t have a banister.  I want to rejoice in the festivities of Independence Day!! Every year, […]