Cactus Cookies-Don’t Get Stuck!

The title of this post may be misleading. You might think cactus cookies is a western themed birthday but, it is not. This post is about back to school! Yes, cactus cookies for back to school. I am not crazy so just “stick” with me for a minute. When my kids were in school, I loved the summertime as much, if not more, then they did. We could ditch the routines, sleep late, stay out late playing flashlight tag, and camp anytime we wanted. The only rule was have fun!

When Fall rolled around and school started we were excited. My kids loved school and I loved their teachers. The only thing I didn’t love was the same old routine! No matter how hard we tried, it seamed we always ended up “stuck” in the same old, same old, same old routine.  “Don’t Get Stuck!” I have a plan!

Cactus Cookies thebearfootbaker.comI wish Pinterest was around back when my kids were small because, it is full of cleaver and creative ideas. As I was looking at all the beautiful photos the other night, I got an idea. I want to share it with you as soon as I show you how to make these cute cactus cookies. Break that dull boring routine of homework, practice, lessons, laundry, homework, practice, lessons, and laundry! Well, you get the idea! But first the cookies.

Supplies for Cactus Cookies:

Green 20 Second Icing
Wilton Holiday Green and White Sprinkles

Cactus Cookies thebearfootbaker.comFirst, outline the cactus. Then, flood the cactus and let it dry overnight.

Cactus Cookies thebearfootbaker.comThen, you will need to work fast, make the lines on the cactus with the same green icing. While it is wet, sprinkle with sugar. All done! Wasn’t that simple? Here are more cactus cookies you can make. Cactus Cookies thebearfootbaker.comHere is the really fun part! Make an “Activity Jar” with each of your kids. Fill them with ideas of fun things to do, You can make one for each season so it is weather appropriate. For example, in the fall you can rake and jump into leaves. In the spring, you can fly a kit or go for a bike ride. In the winter, you can build a snowman. On a rainy day you can play a board game. The idea is, don’t get stuck in the same old routine! This will help you and your kids plan some activities to keep things exciting and fun. The good thing is each child will get a turn to do something they want to do!

Make some kind of tag so each child will know which container is theirs. Have them help you cut some pretty paper into strips and write fun activities on the tags and drop them into their jar. One day a week you can let them pick an activity. There you go! You are officially free from being “Stuck in a RUT!”

Bear hugs,



  1. Lisa, the detail on the catcus is so simple but totally adorable! This idea definitely is getting filed away so thank you! And the tumbling tumble weed….I think I can manage pulling off that cute idea too (especially since nearly all my early cookies looked just like them)

    • I have seen your cookies Anita! You have TALENT!!! BTW: I have never seen a tumbleweed in real life! I hope to fix that one day! 😉

  2. Sweetsugarbelle says:

    This is absolutely getting done today!!! What a great idea. I’ll get the mom of the year award!

  3. Maryann - Cookie Artisan says:

    Lisa! Have I told you lately that I LOVE YOU! This is the bestest idea ever! Perfect idea to share with all my mom friends! I’m forwarding this idea around the country today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I LOVE YOU MARYANN!! I hope this makes some moms and kids happy! I just wish I would have thought of it when my kiddos were small! I guess it is better late than never! LOL

  4. I love this idea and couldn’t wait to read to see what getting stuck was all about. Sometimes, even without the kids and their routines, I get stuck myself. So maybe I should do this for myself! Oh, and I have seen tons and tons of tumble weeds, maybe I can send you one next spring! :)

  5. The sanding sugar really makes the cactus pop! I love these cookies and your *Don’t Get Stuck In a Rut* idea jars are such a great idea, not just for kids either. My head is spinning with ideas for Husband and Wife Don’t Get Stuck In a Rut jars :)

  6. Who knew cactus could be so darn cute?!? I love the tumbleweeds too!!!

  7. September 3rd? How did I miss these! They’re great! Ditto what Sue said about the tumbleweeds being super darn cute, too!

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