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I love cute props and great background boards for my photos. I don’t want everything to look like it just came off the store shelf. I like to find things with character that will compliment and add interest to my pictures. Take this cute little pot for example. I think my grandma had several of these but, back then, I didn’t know I would want them. I found this one at an antique store. It was $5 and I happily paid it. I needed a dark background for this picture but, I was losing daylight and needed something fast. So I did what I always do,  I used poster board for pictures.

Poster Board for Pictures thebearfootbaker.comWell, the other day when I did the post on Taking Pictures- The Background Matters, someone asked me how I keep my poster board from getting greasy from my cookies. The truth is, I sometimes get in a hurry and I mess up my poster board. I get a big ole grease spot right in the middle of it. Then, I flip it over and eventually do the same thing on the other side but, don’t throw it away and don’t be sad because, I will show you how simple it is to turn a piece of poster board into a resealable background. Wrapping paper can get wrinkled  so applying it to the poster board will allow you to use it over and over again wrinkle free!

Poster Board for Pictures Supplies:

Poster Board for Pictures thebearfootbaker.comThis is so easy and you can use any color wrapping paper you want. I have black, green, blue, yellow and white. Yes, you can use white to make your greasy poster board new again. I know someone is probably saying, “I don’t want to buy wrapping paper because poster board is much cheaper!” Well that is true but, I already had a stash of wrapping paper for birthday, Christmas, and anniversaries. If you chose to buy some, you can always use it for gifts! I am already looking in the Christmas section for solid red and a deep blue! Prints are good also but, make sure it compliments your cookies. Some prints are really busy and your cookies could get lost.

Poster Board for Pictures thebearfootbaker.comAnyway, back to the project.

  1. Spray one side of the poster board with the spray adhesive. I recommend you do this step outside. Spray adhesive smells bad and will make things stick to your floor.
  2. Unroll the wrapping paper with the color side down on a smooth solid surface.
  3. Place the sticky side of the poster board on the back side of the wrapping paper and press it down.
  4. Trim around the edges.
  5. Flip the poster board over and smooth out the bubbles but, be careful not to make wrinkles.
Poster Board for Pictures
Isn’t the black a nice background for the lemons? I am loving my $5 antique pot. Just remember, be creative with your photos and don’t spend a lot on props and backgrounds. You are creative with your cookies and I know you can be creative with your pictures.
There are so many good background tutorials on the internet and here are few of my favorites.
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  1. What a great idea. I will have to buy some poster board next time I am out. And I have a ton of wrapping paper I can use. None solid, but sometime prints are fun too!!

    • Prints are fun too! The prints I have are super busy and didn’t work:( I look forward to Christmas paper so I can find some fun simple prints!

  2. I love your dish.
    Boards are a great idea. I just made 6 new plywood boards.Finally getting something done.

  3. That is brilliant! seriously, it makes those lemons pop!

    • The neat thing is you can make just about any color you want and it is easy to store. No bulky boards. I love my background boards but, I have yet found a great storage place.

  4. Love the antique pot. Great minds think a like. I love using different wrapping papers to change up my boards.

  5. Oh my….just had another one of those moments. Gift wrap! of course gift wrap! If you saw my stack of solid gift wrap that I have NEVER once even considered for cookies you’d be shaking your head at me. Thanks for being brilliant…once again!

  6. That black poster board (and photo!) is gorgeous!! That is such a fantastic idea! I was JUST thinking about how ways I could protect my poster boards better. (I was thinking laminating paper, but didn’t want it to be too shiny.) This is PERFECT!! I am going to have all sorts of fun backgrounds now!

    • If you bend them you might get some air bubbles but, all you have to do is pull up the closest corner and re-stick the paper. The spray adhesive will let you re-stick it several times.

  7. Sweetsugarbelle says:

    You amaze me, and that’s the prettiest picture EVAH!

  8. What a GREAT tip. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. Can you tell I’m excited to try this?

  9. Great idea! Your enamelware bowl is a beauty, as well as the photo!

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