Christmas Photo Prop Cookies

I had so much fun making these photo prop cookies because I knew my family would take this idea and run with it. I wanted to make a photo booth for Christmas pictures and knew it had to involve “Christmas Photo Prop Cookies.”

Photo Prop Cookies by www.thebearfootbaker.comThese cookies were inspired by this set and the possibilities are ENDLESS! You can make photo props cookies for Easter, New Years, Halloween, Thanksgiving or just make some fun mustaches and I promise you won’t be disappointed. You will laugh at the pictures for years to come.

Photo Prop Cookies by www.thebearfootbaker.comHere is Madison, Chase and Anne. They went all out and found tacky Christmas sweaters to wear. They are so cute!!

I think the snowman is my favorite because I love the mustache with the carrot nose! I got a chili pepper cutter from here and used it for the nose. I got the mustache cutter here and put them together for a cute little Snowman “stache!”

Supplies for Christmas Photo Prop Cookies:

3″ Circle Cutter
2″ Circle Cutter
3 1/2″ Teardrop Cutter
Red Disco Dust
Red 15 Second Icing
Flesh Colored 15 Second Icing
Cookie Sticks
Paper Straws

Cut the hat pattern out of paper to use as a template and hand cut it for the elf hat and the Santa hat. Since I pieced together the elf ears and glasses, I thought we could start there.

photo prop cookies

  1.  To make the elf ears, you will need 2 different sized circles and a tear drop cutter.
  2. Cut 2 –  3″ circles.
  3. Then, cut the smaller circle out of the center of the larger circles.
  4. Cut 2 teardrop shapes.
  5. Place the circles side by side and the teardrops on the ends. I placed my cookies in the freezer for a few minutes to them cold enough to handle so I didn’t mess up the shapes.
  6. Remove from the freezer and trim a little off the ears.
  7. Add the stick and bake.

NOTE: I placed some of my sticks on the same side and it made it a little awkward to hold. With a little planning, I could have avoided it. For each set, make sure one stick is on the right and the other is on the left.

Photo Prop Cookies by

Photo Prop Cookies by

For the pattern for the antlers, I folded a piece of paper in half and drew one side of the antlers on the fold. Then, I cut it out. When I opened it, I had perfect antlers.

Outline and flood with the same color you used for the elf ears and let dry. I added a little airbrushing so it wouldn’t look so dull.

For the nose, I used a 2 1/2″ circle cookie. Outline and flood it with the red 15 second icing. While it is wet, add the disco dust.

Photo Prop Cookies by www.thebearfootbaker.comI laugh every time I see the hundreds of jingle bells on Anne’s sweater! And that jacket Chase is wearing makes his mom proud! LOL

Photo Prop Cookies by www.thebearfootbaker.comI said before that the snowman is my favorite but, that elf props are just as cute and fun! Madison and Anne are rocking this picture!!

It was seriously hard to take these pictures because we were laughing so hard! My kiddos are such good sports and I think I am going to make this a new Christmas tradition.

Merry Christmas,



  1. These are so fun Lisa and your family looks they are having a blast posing.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Katydoescookies says:

    Those are awesome. Will have to file to do next year. My grandsons would love them. –Katy

    • I think kids would pick great designs for these! I bet they would have a blast helping decorate!

      Merry Christmas Katy to you and your grandson!!

  3. Oh my goodness, how fun – the best kind of props ever!! Not only are they adorably cute, but you could eat them after the photo shoot is over! Darling idea!!

  4. So clever! This is certainly one way to break the ice at a holiday party. I love it!

  5. What a fun idea and what wonderful, big cookies you made for your Christmas Prop photo booth! Your family (beautiful family in their tacky sweaters) look like they had a blast doing this 😉

    • The cookies were the biggest ones I have made Paula! LOL I wish you could have joined us for the fun!!

      Merry Christmas!

  6. These are hilarious! What a great idea!

  7. Wow! What a great photo for a Christmas card! Made my day.

  8. Lisa, are they your kids? If so what great senses of humor and good naturedness. I know you guys are going to have a wonderful Christmas. Cheers, Marian

    • Hi Marian, Chase and Madison are my kids and Anne is Chase’s wife. My middle son Tylor had to work but, I will add a photo of him soon!

      I hop you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  9. So cute! Did you have a problem with the larger cookies breaking off the stick because they were so heavy??

    • I was a little nervous about that a first but, I baked the cookies a little longer than I normally do. I knew we would not eat them after they had been handled so much. I think next time, I will try a construction gingerbread recipe and maybe dowels instead of sticks so they will be a little longer.

      Merry Christmas!

  10. these are so stinkin adorable!! i absolutely love the sparkly red Rudolph nose. and i jsut love how HUGE they all are! great idea Lisa!!

  11. This just made me laugh. Love the fun photo idea. My kids would have so much fun with this.

  12. I made a carrot nose prop and a Rudolph’s nose, but you bumped it up about ten more levels!!! Those are some big cookies:) What a fun time with your family! Marry Christmas!

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