Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss Cookies

I know I am a day late for Dr. Seuss’s birthday but, if Dr. Seuss were alive today I would send him a story about something that happened yesterday, a great big “Happy Birthday” card and  this platter of cookies.

Happy-Birthday-Dr-SeussI was trying to take a few pictures of these Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss cookies yesterday but, it snowed and last week was my son Tylor’s birthday and this week was my other son Chase’s birthday. We are spending the weekend together playing in the snow and eating all their favorite foods. This snow was the most beautiful snow I have seen in a while. It stuck to every single branch of the trees and I couldn’t resist having a Kodak moment. Only now I should call it a DSLR moment. That just doesn’t have the same ring to it does it? Anyway, it is a wonderful busy weekend!

I was told a raccoon was in the dumpster and couldn’t get out so I went with my husband to put a ladder in so the poor thing could climb out. No picture because it was scared silly and I didn’t want to scare it even more. Do you see where I am going with this? I can imagine a story book about a raccoon, a birthday party and snow. Dr. Seuss could write a story that goes something like this,

It was a day meant for play.
A party was planned with a great big band.
A guest was stressed and he came over dressed.
He wore a mask and and lost site of the task.
Yes, it was a raccoon and not a baboon and he was stuck in the trash avoiding the bash.
We played in the sun with snow that glowed but, the raccoon preferred the moon and it was noon.
He want for a nap and fell into a trap that caused him stress because it was mess.
I gave him a ladder but, it didn’t matter.
He slept threw the bash and guarded his stash.
The cookies were late but still got ate.
That is the end my dear, dear friend.

I know, I know! I will leave the writing to the pros. LOL

These cookies make meHappy Birthday

I found the design online and emailed the designer to ask if I could use it to make Happy Birthday Cookies for Dr. Seuss. His name is Mike Boon and he was very nice. He told me he was asked to remove this image by the Dr. Seuss people but, didn’t care if I used it for my birthday cookies. He has a site full of cute character letters he has made and sells. It made me think about how I do letters for birthday platters. I want to show you how to come up with your own way to create cute letters like this for your platters.

Happy BirthdayFirst thing you want to do is grab your cookie cutters. Sometimes your letter cookie cutters won’t work and you might have to hand cut the dough to fit your design like I did for the Dr. Seuss cookies but it is easy if you use really cold dough. Roll your dough out and then place it into the freezer for a few minutes.  Use a sharp knife to trace your letters. If the dough starts to tear instead of cut, place it back in the freezer then repeat the process.

Once you have the letters for your name, Google your theme. I want to make my name with art things so I Googled the words art supplies.

Happy Birthday


Then, pick images you want your letters to be. You can print the images and reduce or enlarge them to fit your letters. It was easy to find things that would fit the straight letters like “L” but, a little more challenging to find things to fit the “S.” I decided a paint palette would work so I would decorate the base of the “S” like wood with a thumb hole at the bottom and little spots of paint.

See how easy it is. Just be sure you get permission from the designer if the clip art isn’t free.

Happy Creating,



  1. Blown away. BLOWN away!

  2. This was well worth waiting for!!! PHENOMENAL cookies and verse! :)

  3. Katydoescookies says:

    Love the tutorial!!! Definitely have to try!! Seuss cookies are fantastic!!–Katy

  4. These are freaking awesome, you are my hero!!! Love ya

  5. When I first looked at the image of the cookies, I thought they were just printed font. You did an outstanding job re-creating an actual font with these cookies. The design is amazing – kudos to Mike for designing it, and kudos to you for making such amazing cookies with his design.

  6. Linky Lou – you have out done yourself and I too, thought this was a font to down load. You don’t suppose you could figure out how I could down load your cookies do you??? Please try because I love them! :)

  7. Holy cow, these are incredible!! The details are just outstanding! Such a great set!

  8. I think it’s all been said, so I will go with a simple wow and then sit here in amazement.

  9. Every post are amazing !!! You’re so kindness !!

  10. I love your cookies! What a wonderful tribute to a man who has brought so much happiness to kids all over the world!

  11. I popped over from your FB page to see these cookies larger as they made me smile so much and am now smiling even more at your Seussian story. So cute! Happy birthday to the boys! Such a wonderful story to go along with your delightful cookies!

  12. Just blown away by these Dr. Seuss cookie collection and your poem is great!

    • Thanks Paula! I though of the poem when I was looking at the raccoon in the dumpster thinking, “What would Dr. Seuss say about this.” lol

  13. Lisa, you are just too cute!! Loved the poem and love the cookies!

  14. Evelyn Kaiser says:

    Love the video and the beautiful bright colored cookies. I discovered you in November of 2012 and look forward daily to see what you have created. Especially love the Dr. Suess!!!!! You are truly gifted, keep the videos coming. Thank you for inspiring me. Scared to work with royal icing, but you make it look so easy, have to try it.

  15. Oh my goodness I LOVE Dr. Seuss! Wow what an amazing job. Thank you for sharing this with all of us!

  16. Pure awesomeness!! I have cookies in the freezer waiting for my first attempt at royal icing. I finally have all my tools and colors in to start my new stress relieving hobby. Even if my first batch looks like a 3 year old did them with their toes, I know I’ll just keep trying until they come out great. Either way, I’ll have a creative outlet that will be fun and educational. I’ve learned so much from all you cookiers and I hope I can put those lessons to good use. Good thing you have blogs, it would be pretty creepy to have me peeking in your kitchen windows every day.

    • You have a great attitude! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming like Dora in Finding Nemo! You can do it!!

      And if I saw you peeking in my kitchen window, I would invite you in for cookies :)

  17. These are amazing. Honestly. By far the most creative and original cookies I have seen. Great job!

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