Candy Eyes Video & Templates

Candy Eyes by

I am not sure about you but, I never have enough candy eyes to decorate my cookies and cupcakes. With baking season right around the corner, I wanted to make sure you and I have enough. I have shared some royal icing eye transfers with you before but, these are a little different. They are simple small, medium and large circles that will fit great … [Continue reading...]

So Sharky – Shark Week Cookies

Shark Week Cookies - So Sharky via

When I saw the Shark Week commercial with Rob Lowe I laughed out loud. It was ridiculous! Ridiculously funny! He was standing on the back of two sharks and throwing chum into the water feeding other sharks that were jumping out of the water. Then, at the end of the video he said, “So Sharky!” I told you it was ridiculous! But it did inspire these … [Continue reading...]

Candle Cookies a Tutorial – NOT!

Birthday Candle Cookies via

The other day I baked cookies. I decorated them with icing. I used my handy dandy little airbrush so each candle would have highlights and shadows. I stopped every few minutes to take pictures so I could share a step by step tutorial with you. I will admit I was a little picture happy and took a ton of pictures. I stopped every so often to look at … [Continue reading...]

It is hard to say goodbye

Last week was a very tough week for me. My grandmother passed away and she was the last grandparent that was still here with us. Now she is in heaven with my grandpa who left us 15 years ago. As I was standing in the funeral home looking at my aunts, uncles and cousins, I realized how blessed I am. Most of my relatives traveled from different … [Continue reading...]