Soccer Cookies – Tutorial

Soccer Cookies- Simple Cut Out Sugar Cookies Decorated with Royal Icing

I see blue skys and green grass. It is a beautiful site after the long gray winter. Most of the time when I see the green grass I think about mowing the yard. This year is a little bit different. As the grass turn a bright pretty green I see soccer cookies. Little soccer cookies sitting in the growing green grass waiting for someone to come and … [Continue reading...]

Easter Cookie Card & Bag Topper

Simple Easter Cookie Card - Easter Bunny with A Sugar Cookie Nose Decorated with Royal Icing by

Do you ever feel like we give kids to much sugar on holidays? Take Easter for example. We want to give them a special little treat but that cute bunny rabbit with the big fluffy tail brings a basket full of sugary treats and goodies for each and every kiddo. I want to give all my little friends something special but don't want the moms to give me … [Continue reading...]

Sparkle Dust -Make Your Cookies Sparkle

DIY Sparkle Dust via

"Where there is a will there is a way!" Isn't that a great quote by Pauline Kael? Todays post is the perfect example of that. A few years ago when Disco Dust was introduced we all loved it. It was a fast simple way to add sparkle to our baked goods. I am so guilty of using sprinkles of it on cookies but that won't happen again. If you aren't sure … [Continue reading...]