Easy Owl Cookies with a Star Cutter

Easy Owl Cookies with a Star Cookie Cutter with www.thebearfootbaker.com

I had a plan to make star cookies for the 4th of July. I made the dough. I cut out the stars. I baked the cookies. I mixed the icing. Then, I saw something. As I looked at the star cookie, I saw an owl. Yep! An owl. So I decided to makes some easy owl cookies using a star cookie cutter for the 4th of July instead of red, white and blue stars.  … [Continue reading...]

Cookie Supply Shopping List


I have a little gift for you today. It isn't much but, I use mine all the time and thought you might enjoy it as well. It is a cookie supply shopping list. Download it. Print it. And never forget a color or ingredients when you go shopping. You will always have what you need on hand so you are ready to create beautiful cookies. Download and Print … [Continue reading...]

Simple Cactus Cookies

Cactus Cookies Tutorial with a Video via www.thebearfootbaker.com

Remember when I told you I made Cinco de Mayo cookies and didn't get to share them in time for Cinco de Mayo? Well, these simple cactus cookies were part of that set. Today isn't Cinco de Mayo but, I could make cactus cookies every summer because it is hot and sticky and very humid outside. The way I see it is if you are going to be hot and sticky, … [Continue reading...]

How to Make Royal Icing with a Hand Mixer


When I started making cookies I didn't own a KitchenAid mixer. I purchased one after a year of making cookies because I thought it would make things easier. Well, it did but, you don't have to have one to make cookies and royal icing. I wanted to put together a little video to shows how to make royal icing with a hand mixer. Cookie decorators make … [Continue reading...]