Fondant Flowers for Cookies

Fondant Flowers will look great on your decorated sugar cookies and they are fun to make!

Before we begin, I wanted to ask you if you noticed a few changes around here? Well, I thought it was about time to do a little update and make The Bearfoot Bake a little more organized and mobile friendly. I hope you like the changes and bear with me as I get everything moved into the right categories. Once I do, I think everything will be easy to … [Continue reading...]

Icing Pansies – Tutorial with Video

Icing Pansy and Free Flower Nail Template

Do you like pansies? I think they are cute little flowers. I like how the center is a bolder and darker color than the rest of the flower. The only thing that drives me crazy about them is they come in so many colors that I can't decide which ones to plant each year. The good thing about making icing pansies is that I can make them in any color I … [Continue reading...]

Frankenstein Face Cookies

Easy Frankenstein Face Sugar Cookies Decorated with Royal Icing for Halloween

I don't know why but, I am all about Frankenstein these days. I don't know if it is silly little grin or that big old cut with the stitches that makes me love him so much. Whatever it is, it inspired these Frankenstein Face Cookies made with a flip flop cookie cutter. They are super simple and you only need to make two colors of icing. … [Continue reading...]

Simple Frankenstein Cookies

Simple Frankenstein Cookies - Sugar cookies decorated with royal icing via

Have you been shopping lately? If so, when you are standing in the check out line, do you notice all the wonderful colors on the cover of the magazines? Well, I am a sucker for them. I want to purchase them all. I have a battle with myself as I stand there debating why I need it and why I don't. I bet I have almost as many Fall issues of magazines … [Continue reading...]