Marshmallow Cookies

Simple Marshmallow Cookies with

Do you like marshmallows? I got hooked on making homemade marshmallows a little over a year ago. They are so much better than the ones you can buy in stores. The best part is you can make them in all kinds of different flavors and cut them into many different shapes. As I was making the last batch, I got an idea to make cute marshmallow cookies. … [Continue reading...]

Animal Cookies – The End is Near!

Animal Cookies can help you celebrate the New Year- The END is NEAR! Happy New Year! via

The End Is NEAR! It is almost a NEW YEAR! We did it! We celebrated 2014 by watching the ball drop in Time Square and now we are ready to do it again with 2015. We are going to celebrate another New Year and what better way to do it than with cute little animal cookies. These aren't just any old animal cookies. Nope. They are showing us the end is … [Continue reading...]