Candle Cookies a Tutorial – NOT!

Birthday Candle Cookies via

The other day I baked cookies. I decorated them with icing. I used my handy dandy little airbrush so each candle would have highlights and shadows. I stopped every few minutes to take pictures so I could share a step by step tutorial with you. I will admit I was a little picture happy and took a ton of pictures. I stopped every so often to look at … [Continue reading...]

It is hard to say goodbye

Last week was a very tough week for me. My grandmother passed away and she was the last grandparent that was still here with us. Now she is in heaven with my grandpa who left us 15 years ago. As I was standing in the funeral home looking at my aunts, uncles and cousins, I realized how blessed I am. Most of my relatives traveled from different … [Continue reading...]

Lumberjack Cookies made with a Santa Cutter

Lumberjack Cookies

I live near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and a few years ago, they built a place called Lumberjack Feud. It is a place where lumberjacks go and compete in events like chopping wood, climbing poles and doing all sorts of amazing things. They guys and girls that work there are very talented and athletic and they inspired me. They inspired me to make … [Continue reading...]

BBQ Cookies -Hot Dogs & Hamburgers

BBQ Cookies Hamburgers & Hot Dogs via

I love a good BBQ. The way the the charcoal makes the hamburgers and hot dogs taste is a classic summer flavor that is known by all of us. Another flavor we all enjoy is a good sugar cookie with royal icing. Sometimes I want to enjoy a good BBQ without ants and misquotes and these BBQ cookies are perfect.  … [Continue reading...]