Beard Cookies for your Favorite Guy

Simple Beard Cookies

Are you a beard loving kind of person? I am a beard loving kind of gal and every year I talk my hubby into growing a goatee. I don't think he is super happy about doing it, but he grows it anyway and for a few months I love him even more because he does it for me. He might grow it to help keep his face warm during the winter months, but whatever … [Continue reading...]

Small Marshmallow Fondant Recipe


Are you ready for a recipe for a small batch of fondant? I mean this recipe is just the right size for me to practice making characters and it is just big enought to make some cupcake toppers without any leftover. This small marshmallow fondant recipe is 1/4 of the size of a normal batch which makes it perfect for cupcake toppers and a perfect size … [Continue reading...]

Pinterest Friend – Can I follow you on Pinterest

Pinterest Friend- Will you be my Pinterest Friend?

Have you ever heard of The Blog Maven? If you aren't a blogger, you may not follow blogs that tell you how to blog smarter and give you awesome tips and tricks on how to make your blog work well. Jeni is the blogger behind the Blog Maven and she always teaches me things that inspire me or shows how to add something cool to my blog. A few weeks ago, … [Continue reading...]