Fun Turkey Cookies – or Funny Turkeys

Fun Turkey Cookies are Sugar Cookies Decorated with Royal Icing via

10 Days. 10 Turkeys. 10 Different Cutters. Today is day 4 in my turkey challenge and I think it is time for some fun turkey cookies. These little guys look like they have tiny candy cane tail feathers. I guess it is because it snowed here the other day and it made me dream of candy canes. Since I was in the middle of designing turkey cookies, well, … [Continue reading...]

Simple Turkey Cookies

Simple Turkey Cookies - Thanksgiving Cookies are Sugar Cookies Decorated with Royal Icing

Hello everyone! I hope you are ready for turkey #3 because here it is and it's ready for a party.  These simple turkey cookies are made from a birthday hat cookie cutter and are really easy to make. I know they don't excited or they don't look ready for a party because they just found out it is November. We all know what happens to turkeys in … [Continue reading...]

Easy Turkey Cookies – Pineapple Cutter

Easy Turkey Cookies are Sugar Cookies made with a Pineapple Cookie Cutter and Decorated with Royal Icing via

Did you see the title of this tutorial? It says these are "Easy Turkey Cookies." That couldn't be more ture. These cute little guys are #2 in my 10 days. 10 turkeys. 10 different cutters and I have to admit, I wasn't so sure about a pineapple cutter turkey cookie but, boy oh boy do I like him. He is my favorite so far. … [Continue reading...]