The Bearfoot Baker Link Party #14 Summer

It is HOT outside! We have broke a few heat records here this year. The hottest day so far was 106 degrees! It is hot enough to melt the leaves off the trees! I bet your summer cookies are going to be much hotter than the weather!!  I can't wait to see ice cream, watermelon, fishing, beach, picnic, Independence Day and other summer cookies you all … [Read more...]

The Bearfoot Baker Link Party #6 The Color Yellow

I love color! Playing with color makes me very happy! I think that is one reason I like making cookies so much. The possibilities and color choices are endless. Well, let me just say you all post the most beautiful blue cookies last week! I was in heaven!  I saw shades of blue on cookies that I have never seen before. You all are BRILLIANT … [Read more...]

The Bearfoot Baker Link Party #5 “The Color Blue

It’s Friday! That means it is time for The Bearfoot Baker Link Party #5! Today’s theme is "The Color Blue." I want to see any cookie with the color blue on it. Last week I saw everything you all were working on and I was one happy girl looking at all the amazing creations you posted! I have decided Friday is my new favorite day of the week because … [Read more...]

The Bearfoot Baker Link Party #4 “Whatcha Doin’?

It's Friday! That means it is time for The Bearfoot Baker Link Party #4! Today's theme is "Whatcha Doin'?" The world of cookiers wants to know what you have been baking and decorating. Are you making Mother's Day Cookies? Are you making Birthday Cookies? Are you making beautiful wedding cookies? Are you working on a new recipe or a way to organize … [Read more...]

Bearfoot Baker Link Party #3 Spring has Sprung

I am honored to host "The Bearfoot Link Parties"! I get all choked up when I look at all the beautiful cookies that are being linked. You all bless me every time you link your cookies you have worked so hard making. I can see all the "love" you have put in each one! You all are so full of creativity and talent and I  love you all:) … [Read more...]

The Bearfoot Baker Link Party “Your Favorite Cookie”

Yeah!!! It is finally Friday! I have worked hard this week and I am ready for the weekend. Want to start with a Party? A Link Party! Let me start by saying I was completely blown away by your submissions last week!! WOW! All those beautiful cookies you made! AMAZING!!! I loved every cookie and can't wait to see what you submit this week. I hope you … [Read more...]