Santa Cookies with my New Favorite Cutter

Santa Cookies via

I have a lot of cookie cutters. Ha! That is probably the understatement of the year! I look for them everywhere I go and I usually find a new one or two, or ten to buy. This year, the cutest Santa and reindeer cutter was delivered to my door. Well, kind of delivered to my […]

President’s Day Fun Facts with Cookies

Fun Facts College

I wanted to do something a little different for President’s Day this year. I am a kid at heart and wanted to make a fun game. Well, a game with Fun Facts about our Presidents. I am not a history major. I found these answers online and baked up a batch of cookies. I have […]

Gingerbread Men Cookies

Gingerbread  Men Cookies

Do you like gingerbread men cookies? I am a big fan! I always look forward to seeing the cute little gingerbread boys and girls everyone will make. My favorite gingerbread men cookies have been made by kids. Can you imagine how many people have a gingerbread men cookie tradition? What a wonderful time for kids […]

Simple Snowflake Cookies

Colorful Snowflakes

I am not going to lie. I always have such big plans for Christmas and I run out of time every year! If you are like me and need some cute  cookies but don’t have a lot of time, these colorful snowflake cookies are about as simple and fast as it can get. It is […]

Chocolate Moose the Cookie Way!

Chocolate Moose Dessert

I don’t get invited to parties a lot but, when I do, I take dessert! I thought I would make a Chocolate Moose to take to a Christmas Party! I am a bit of a prankster sometimes and it gets me into trouble. What goes around comes around so I try to keep that in […]

Simple Red Bird Cookies

Red Birds in the Snow

There are several things I love about this time of year and one of my favorites is red birds in the snow. I have always thought of snow as something magical. When I see that gorgeous red bird with all the white snow surrounding it I feel like I have been given a gift. So being a […]

Folk Art Pumpkin Cookies

Folk Art Pumpkin Cookies

Don’t go to craft shows with me! I mean it! Don’t do it! I get like a kid in a candy store and I will embarrass you! I will see something and quickly walk over to it and grab it so no one else will get it. Even if there are 40 of them, I know they will […]

Glittery Pumpkin Cookies

Glittery Pumpkin Cookies

Everywhere I look I see glittery pumpkins. I have seen several how to make glittery pumpkin tutorials and it made me want to run out and buy a lot of glitter and give my pumpkins some shimmer. Then, I opened my box of sprinkles and saw the orange disco dust sparkling before my eyes. I knew I […]

Don’t Pinch me!

Jacket College

I am the person who gets pinched to death on St. Patrick’s Day! I forget to wear green so my colors of that week are black and blue. Well, last year I decided enough is enough so, I am making cookies to hand out. I will  pass them out to people who promise not to […]

Make Your Own Hanging Cup Cookies

Hanging Cup Cookies

I recently went shopping with my friend Johnna aka The Polka-Dot Zebra and we found some hanging cup cookie cutters.  They were really cute but very basic. When I got home, I remembered some cookies that Johnna made last fall. She showed us we could make our own hanging cup cookies with almost any cookie cutter […]

I’d Snap at the Chance to be Your Valentine!

I'd Snap 1

My daughter found this card on Pinterest. She thought it was funny. Then, she asked me to make some alligator cookies for her. I thought about it for about 2 seconds and told her I loved the idea! This is what we came up with:

Valentine’s Day Cookie, You’re Grrrreat and I’m not Lion!

Lion Final

I am going to share something with you. I love animals! It is true!  I am kinda like the Ellie May Clampett of my family. I do have a little southern accent and the love of animals but I don’t have the perfect “10” figure she had. Maybe one day (fingers crossed). Oh well, let’s […]

Rose Tip Christmas Tree Cookie

1 101Textured Tree

I was talking to a cookie friend of mine the other day and she had a great idea. She asked if I knew how to use certain tips the proper way. Well, I have taken a few cake classes in my day but I am not an expert, but I do want to share what I […]

Snowball Fight Angry Bird Style

101 Snowball Fight Final

I keep looking outside wondering where the snow is. I LOVE winter!  Where are you winter????  Well, it was 59° here Saturday! Today it is 52°  and raining and I keep wishing it was snow. I want to make snow angels, build snowmen, and make some snow cream but most of all I want to have […]

Happy New Year Cookies

29 Full photo

Is it just me or does anyone one else need more time between Christmas and New Year’s? I really wish I had a few more days to make  some detailed cookies but I don’t have a lot of time and I need cookies fast. This is what I cam up with. These cookies are so […]

Penguin Cookies

13 Penguin body flooded

What happens when two friends who share a love of cookie decorating get together? They make penguin cookies. I have a great friend named Johnna. She lives about an hour away from me so we don’t get together as much as we would like. But when we do get together, we have fun talking about […]