Whimsical Flower Cookies

Do you have a favorite cookie you make really fast? I have a set. I call them the “Fast and the Furious!” I can make them fast, Fast, FAST!! It is a good to have a cookie design that you can make without a pattern. My “Fast and Furious” cookies are not only fast but they are fun to make because I grab a piping bag and just create without the stress of worrying about them being the exact same.

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Black Eyed Susan Cookies

I am amazed at how many wonderful friends I have made on the internet.  I have one special friend that I really hope to meet one day and I am sure you all know her. Her name is Haniela and she has a great blog that I spend way to much time on. Hani does it all! She has beautiful photos of amazing cookies, crafts, food and so much more. I am warning you, if you go to her blog you will not have time to do the dishes today. You will get lots in her beautiful creations!

Hani is having a “Let’s Smell Flowers Cookie Party” and she invited me! To say I was honored was an understatement!  I am on cloud 9!!! She had a list of flowers and my favorite flower was on there. (Clap, clap, clap!!!)

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Daisy Cookies With a Rose Tip

My daughter loves daisies. They are her favorite flower and I can see why. They are beautiful! In the movie “You’ve Got Mail,” Meg Ryan said daisies are the friendliest flowers and Madison and I agree! I am going to show you how to make cute daisy cookies that are really fast and simple. You won’t believe how EASY they are to make!! I love the color brown. I wasn’t sure how these were going to turn out but I am really happy with them.

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