100 Animal Cookies – My BOOK!

Well, can I keep a secret or what? I’ve been working on a book called 100 Animal Cookies for quite some time and I didn’t say a word. I’ve been wanting to spill the beans since last September, but I didn’t because I was waiting for just the right moment and that moment is now! Let’s get started sharing this book because I’m so excited I can’t stand it!

100 Animal Cookies Book by thebearfootbaker.com

The book is 144 pages and has tutorials on how to decorate 100 animal cookies. We’ll use some fun cookie cutters and we’ll get creative and make some creative cutters because that’s the thing to do with cookie dough. I hope you use the tutorials and find inspiration that’ll make your own imagination run wild.

When I started this blog a little over three years ago I didn’t have a clue where my cookie journey would lead. I didn’t even know if anyone would want to follow along. The blog seemed like a good place to share posts with a few pictures of things I’d made. Sharing a few tutorials was a goal I had in mind, but I wanted to share things with some of my cookie friends. I became overwhelmed with all the comments and love you sent my way. You encouraged me! You inspired me to make more things, come up with creative ideas and to challenge myself to make original cookies and take better pictures. I can never thank you enough. You are a part of this blog. You are the force behind it and I will forever be grateful!

Without you, there would be no Bearfoot Baker blog and no 100 Animal Cookies Book. Thank you for helping me make my dreams come true. You all are amazing! Alright, before I start to cry, I want to show you a sneak peek of the book. It is full of 100 animal cookies made with cutters you probably already own. Take the bears in the picture on the cover and tell me what cutter was used to create him. They’re made from a Hello Kitty cookie cutter. You will also find creative ways to use a jellyfish cutter, a frog cutter, and many more creative animals. If you can’t find a perfect cutter for an animal shape you have in mind, get creative! This book will help show you how.

100 Animal Cookies Book Sneak Peek!

Time for a Campout!

Grizzly on a Campout from 100 Animal Cookie Book by thebearfootbaker.com

  • “A Grizzly Bear on a Campout”  is one of my favorites probably because it is a bear and I don’t have to sleep outside to enjoy a campout.  I get to stay in the kitchen and enjoy the great outdoors.

Want to make a Lion Cookie with me?

Lion Cookies from 100 Animal Cookie Book by thebearfootbaker.com

  • I think everyone has a flower cookie cutter. Did you know you can make animals with it? You sure can and I am not “Lion!”

Beaver Cookies:Beaver Cookies from 100 Animal Cookie Book by thebearfootbaker.com

  • Remember when I said you can find a creative use of a frog cutter? Here it is. A frog cookie cutter with a few tweaks and you have yourself a beaver cookie. The frog is the body of this big-toothed critter.

Panda Bears:

Panda Bear Cookies from 100 Animal Cookie Book by thebearfootbaker.com

  • You can also make sweet little panda bears with a circle cutter. Just don’t forget to add the cute little ears. Oh, how I love me some bears!

I want to show you more but, that concludes the sneak peek for The 100 Animal Cookies Book. I will share more as the release date gets closer. If you would like to order the 100 Animals Cookie book now, it is available for pre-order on Amazon. If you want to get it in stores the release date is October 1st. I will have more on that later.

Thanks for celebrating with me today. Happy Monday everyone!

Bear hugs,