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How to Make Cute Christmas Meringues with Sugar Stamps | The Bearfoot Baker

Sweet Little Sugar Stamps

Have you seen these Sweet Little Sugar Stamps that have the cute little images on them? I've made several the past few weeks and they're simple and fun.


  • 4 egg whites approximately 125 grams or 4.4 ounces
  • 250 grams of sugar 1 1⁄4 cup or 8.8 ounces
  • 100 grams of powdered sugar half a cup or 3.5 ounces
  • 2 Sugar Stamps
  • Pastry bag and your choice of nozzle
  • 2 pots - small and medium for the bain-marie


  • Mix the sugar and the in egg whites in the small pot.
  • Place the pot with the mixture on bain-marie for 10 minutes, mix once in a while, until the mixture becomes liquid and you can no longer feel sugar grains in it.
  • Dry the bottom of the small pot and transfer the mixture to the mixer bowl and begin whisking until it becomes very thick (approximately 6-7 minutes).
  • Stop the mixer, add the powdered sugar and slowly resume mixing for about 2 more minutes until the mixture becomes extremely stable.
  • Transfer the mixture to the pastry bag, arrange the Sugar Stamp on your oven pan (coarse side up) and begin piping.
  • Bake for at least 120 minutes at 80°C (176°F).
  • Always with Fanned oven heat until the sugar kisses are dry inside and out.
  • Once ready, take out of the oven and immediately separate the sugar kisses.