#26 Bake at 350 with Bridget Edwards

Are you ready for a great podcast? I hope so because we’re going to Bake at 350 today with Bridget Edwards!

The Power of a Cookie Podcast with Bake at 350 Bridget Edwards

I’m so excited to share this podcast with you guys. Bridget Edwards is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. As you’re listening to the podcast you’ll hear about the first time I saw her in person. She was sweet, graceful, elegant and extremely beautiful. I was scared to death to meet her, but when I did, she was kind and friendly. It’s something I’ll never forget.

A few years ago Karen Summers asked me to be an instructor at Cookie Con. I asked a few blogger and cookie decorators for a photo of the first cookies they made and a photo of a cookie they’d recently made. This “Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries” was the recent photo that Bridget shared with me. It’s one of my favorite cookies ever. The yellow and red look amazing and the cherries she’s piped look perfect. They look real. It looks like you could reach into the photo, pick up a cookie, and eat it! These are an awesome set of cookies and I’m very grateful she shared the photos with everyone at Cookie Con.

bowl of cheery cookies from bake at 350

If you want to see the photo of the first cookies she made, you can see them on YouTube in the ‘Bearfoot Basics Sugar Cookies 101 Part 3‘ video. It’s a long video so if you want to skip to the part that shows Bridget’s cookies, move the video slider to 35:39 minutes to see them. It’s hard to believe they’re her first because of the pretty writing on them.

When looking on the internet I see decorators using several things that Bridget taught us. The one I use most often is her coffee filter tip, If you haven’t seen it you can find it here at her Coffee Filter tutorial she made back in 2008. It’s a priceless decorating tip!

If you search her blog at Bake at 350, you’ll find lots of great tips and tricks that will help you decorate cookies. Bridget also shares wonderful recipes and Trader Joe’s tips. I think you need to head on over and search her site and look at her social media links below. You’ll see amazing cookies, delicious recipes, and tips you’ll use every time you decorate cookies. Did I mention she’s amazing? Well, she is!

Bake at 350 with Bridget Edwards

Want to see Bake at 350 on The Pioneer Woman Site? You’re in luck! 
I have never been to Trader Joe’s, but reading Bridget’s reviews makes me feel like I’m a weekly shopper. You should check out her reviews because I know you’ll love them.
Do you have Bridget’s books? If you want to check them out, click here Books Decorating Cookies Party and Decorating Cookies.
I know you all know where to find Bridget already, but I wanted to give you the links so you can get there fast! So what are you waiting for? Click those links and give her some love today!  I know she’ll love seeing you!
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