How to Make Beautiful Royal Icing Roses

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How are you all holding up? I know it’s getting hard to stay home while waiting for this pandemic to end, but playing with royal icing seems to create a sense of peace. Making beautiful royal icing roses is a simple way to take our minds off of all the things that are going on in the world. They won’t make us forget everything that’s happening, but it’s a nice escape for an evening of cookie decorating.

I hope you like what I’m sharing today because making beautiful royal icing roses is my new cookie love. Adding a simple rose to a cookie with a basic outline and flood is a great way to make your cookies elegant and classy. Beautiful royal icing roses look great in different colors and sizes. Another great thing about making royal icing transfers and flowers is that you can make them without baking cookies. If you make a Half a Batch of Royal Icing you’re all set to spend the evening making little works of art.

royal icing roses, royal icing flowers, spring, royal icing transfer

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