Happy Earth Day Cookies You will Love

Happy Earth Day Cookies You will Love! I know, I know Earth Day was yesterday! I started working on these cookies yesterday morning and I told myself I would finish these cookies today! Well, it’s been a while since I’ve completed a blog post in one day. Guess what? I did it! I finished the cookies, took the pictures, downloaded them to the computer, edited all the pictures, and then, I needed to go to sleep. I went to sleep because I couldn’t stay awake. I woke up this morning and worked on the video and decided I’d share this with you even though I’m a day late. I think you’ll find some things that are good and helpful and if you do, let me know.

Super Fun Happy Earth Day Cookies You Will Love | The Bearfoot Baker

Since my surgery, I’m behind on blog comments, Facebook comments, and Instagram comments. I’m working on catching up and I appreciate all of you giving me the time to do so. Hopefully, I’ll catch up within the next week. Thanks for your love and support!

Now let’s make some Earth Day Cookies!

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