About Me


Hi, my name is Lisa!

Welcome to my blog!

I am Lisa and I live at the Foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains and it is the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life! I am a wife and the mother of two boys and a daughter. I am a mother-in-law  and a Nana to the greatest grandson EVER!

I know you want to know a little bit about me but, I am a little scared I will bore you to tears! I live a simple life full of family time, baking, and photographing anything that moves. You have probably heard rumors that I chase bears into the woods and well, it is true. If they come to close to my house, I grab a pot and a spoon and make a lot of noise until I scare them away. I am very thankful that they have not figured out that they can eat me as a mid day snack if they wanted. Let’s hope they never do!

I hope you find inspiration when you visit my blog. I love being creative and teaching others to view the world a little differently. I have what my friend Callye (aka SweetSugarBelle) calls “Cookie Think”. It is a disease that makes us see the world as a cookie. I can take a walk and see a stick that will inspire me to make a snowman with goofy stick arms. When I go to the beach I am looking at the patterns on everyone’s flip flops instead of finding sea shells. Another good example is when I go Christmas shopping, I get more excited looking at the wrapping paper than I do when I find the perfect gift.  I know this is weird but my husband and kids love me anyway.

I wanted to start a blog so I could share tips and tricks that I have learned along the way. I have some amazing cookie friends that have encouraged me to be brave, grab a piping bag and create something I didn’t know I could.

If you every want to get in touch with me, send me an email at lisa@thebearfootbaker.com. I answer every email and enjoy chatting with you all.

Anyway, I hope you find something you like here. Please come back and visit often!

Bear hugs,