About Me

My name is Lisa. That is me in the yellow hat with my beautiful daughter Madison aka the best friend a girl could ever have! I also have 2 son’s, Chase and Tylor who make me very proud. Chase is married to Anne who is a awesome wife and daughter-in-law. I have been married to my hilarious  husband Alan for 25 years and he makes sure life is never boring! I live in the beautiful foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. Life is good! That doesn’t mean my dishes are always done or my laundry mysteriously gets washed and put away but, it is still wonderful!

I have what my friend Callye (aka SweetSugarBelle) calls “Cookie Think”. It is a disease that makes us see the world as a cookie. I can take a walk and see a stick that will inspire me to make a snowman with goofy stick arms. When I go to the beach I am looking at the patterns on everyone’s flip flops instead of finding sea shells. Another good example is when I go Christmas shopping, I get more excited looking at the wrapping paper than I do when I find the perfect gift.  I know this is weird but my husband and kids love me anyway.

I wanted to start a blog so I could show you how to get started with your very own cookies obsession. I will share tips and tricks that I have learned along the way. I have some amazing cookie friends that have encouraged me to be brave, grab a piping bag and create something I didn’t know I could.

But the fun won’t stop there. Cookies need accessories like packages and gift boxes to put them in. Hopefully, this will be a place you want to visit and get inspired to create whatever you can imagine.