#12 The Hungry Hippopotamus with Stephanie Kappel

Welcome to Podcast 12 The Hungry Hippopotamus with Stephanie Kappel! I’m sure you’ve heard of Stephanie because she sure knows how to decorate cookies. She’s an artist turned cookie decorator that has left an impression on our hearts with royal icing and sugar. I can’t wait for you to listen to this podcast and find out how she became the incredible decorator that she is now. Do you know what she did before she started making cookies? Hit play and find out!

12 The Hungry Hippopotamus Stephanie Kappel


12 The Hungry Hippopotamus with Stephanie Kappel:

The Hungry Hippopotamus with Stephanie Kappel
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Craftsy Class

Stephanie has taught at:
Cookie’s Cool
Cookie Con
Her work has been featured on ABC Action News
American Cake Decorating
Edible Artists Network
Southern Living Magazines

Her clients include: 

Nomadic Agency

Stephanie is also a Craftsy instructor, contributing educator for SugarEd Productions Sugar Art School, and proud baker for Icing Smiles. Seriously, this girl does it all and you’ll enjoy every minute of her podcast. She smart, talented and will be instructing an Add-On Workshop at the 2018 Cookie Con in Indiana. The classes are Better Basics for Exceptional Cookies, Intro to Character Cookies, and Halloween Portrait Master Class. Wouldn’t you love to take them all? I know I would!

I hope you take the time to visit The Hungry Hippopotamus with Stephanie Kappel on her social media sites. Once you see all her work, you’ll be glad you did. Oh yeah, don’t forget to listen to her podcast!

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