2:All Things Good-Callye Alverado Sweet Sugarbelle

Episode #2 All Things Good with Callye Alverado | The Bearfoot Baker

Episode #2: All Things Good-Callye Alverado Sweet Sugarbelle

I’m so happy to have Callye of Sweet Sugarbelle as our guest today.

When it comes to decorating cookies, designing cutters, teaching us tips, tricks and showing us cookie decorating techniques, no one does it better than Callye Alverado from Sweet Sugarbelle. You’ve probably heard me mention her and have seen me share links to her amazing tutorials on the blog. She has taught us everything from how to make the perfect royal icing color to how to bend a cookie cutter to the shape we need.

2 All Things Good Callye Alverado | The Bearfoot Baker


Now she’s busy with her product line designing cookie cutters and products that will change the way we make cookies. I’ve watched her go from a mother who fills cookie orders and shared her photos on Flickr to a businesswoman who is making cookie cutters, shapeshifters, and decorating tools.

In this episode, Callye is going to talk about how she made cookies from her home, started her Sweet Sugarbelle blog, to designing products we can’t wait to get our hands on. Callye doesn’t let anything stop her from creating and designing beautiful creative cookies and helping us reach our decorating goals.

“Most of the worst things that happened to me, with time and a little bit of effort and work on my part, end up being the best things that happen to me.” -Callye Alverado

From showing us how to make royal icing colors to shape-shifting cutters, I think Callye has taught us all things about cookie decorating that will forever be part of our decorating foundation. The Power of a Cookie is about baking the world better one cookie at a time and I can say Callye has changed one decorator at a time with all the tips, techniques, and helping us find and embrace our creativity. 

I know you probably already know where to find Callye and her amazing cookies, but just in case, here are a few links to help. The last link is to Flickr and I think you should go see where Callye’s cookies began.

Sweet Sugarbelle:

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Sweet Sugarbelle on Flickr

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