Bat and Moon Cookies for Halloween

I promised you a full moon today so here it is and I’m almost embarrassed to show you how to make it because it is so simple. I guess all bat and moon cookies go together so here is the tutorial.

Bat and Moon Cookies

Supplies for Bat and Moon Cookies:

Bat tutorial is HERE
Light Gray 15 Second Icing
Darker Gray 15 Second Icing
BooBoo Stick

Bat and Moon Cookies

Begin by making your cookie dough and here’s my sugar cookie recipe in case you’re looking for one to try. Do you need a royal icing recipe or a half a batch of icing recipe? Or do you want to see how to bake a cookie on a stick?

Once your cookie is baked and ready to decorate, outline it with the light gray icing and then flood it.

Bat and Moon Cookies

While the light gray icing is still wet, apply the darker gray icing randomly on the cookie leaving gaps of the light icing showing. As you can see, I added a little more gray in one spot so it would look like the picture of the real moon I was looking at.

Next, grab the Boo Boo Stick and start swirling the icing around. Be careful not to swirl too much or you will lose the moon cloud effect. If you don’t have a Boo Boo Stick, you can use the tip of a butter knife or an offset spatula.

Bat and Moon Cookies

I wasn’t super concerned icing being perfectly smooth because the moon has creators and this was one time that creators will work for cookies.

Bat and Moon Cookies

Now it’s time to add the paper straws so your bat and moon cookies will look adorable. Bakers Stock has a ton of cute paper straws and they are perfect for projects like this. I mean, who wants to look at a cookie stick when you can make it look so much better. I told you these cookies was super simple and I can’t wait to make more.

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