Monster Madness Cookies!

Make Simple Monster Cookies with almost Any Cookie Cutter

Everywhere I go I see the cutest little Halloween monsters. I have been thinking of making some but, I don’t have the right cutters. Or do I? Mwahahahaahhaha! Let the monster madness begin!

Monster Madness Cookies thebearfootbaker.comYou might think I am crazy but, I know you have a lot of cookie cutters that will work for these little monsters.

Supplies for Monster Madness Cookies:

Royal Transfer Eyes
Any color icing you want.
Almost any cookie cutter you think will work.

I went into my cookie cutter room (yes there is a room, don’t judge) and rummaged through all my cutters. There were so many that would make adorable monsters but, these are the ones I decided to use. As a matter of fact, as I was looking, I noticed almost all of my cutters would make cute monsters so don’t be surprised if you see more monster madness in the future.

  1. Martin and Mini Pumpkin Cutter (This was a leftover frozen cookie from this post.)
  2. Fish cutter
  3. Wilton Garden Flower Pot
  4. Flower
  5. Tulip
  6. Small Flower
Monster Madness Cookies
All of these were decorated something like this:
  1. Grab a color.
  2. Outline. Follow the shape of the cookie with wavy lines.
  3. Flood.
  4. Add an eye or eyes while the icing is wet.
  5. Add legs if needed.
Monster Madness Cookies thebearfootbaker.comIf you have never used a cutter for something other than it’s intended shape, you should do it. Monsters are the perfect place to start because there is no right way or wrong way. They will all be cute if you make a wavy edge and add legs, feet and eyes. I hope you make some Monster Madness Cookies soon.
Here are some other monster cookies that were made from different cutters:
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Happy Creating,