Rainbow Cake with an Airbrushing Video

I had a dream about a Rainbow Cake. I remembered this dream only because I keep a note pad and pen on my nightstand in case I wake up with a good idea. I can’t tell you how many times I have woke up with a great idea and try all day long to remember what it was. With age comes wisdom and I finally learned to keep paper with me.  Now let’s make my rainbow cake dream a reality.Rainbow Cake with an Airbrushing Video

Rainbow Cake Supplies:

2- 6″ or 8″ round cakes
Butter Cream Icing (Your favorite recipe. I am woking on a new recipe now and will post soon)
White Royal Icing
Airbrush Gun
Offset Spatula
Cake Boards cut to size

This cake has 2 parts. The first part is the royal icing transfer rainbow and the second part is the cake. I am going to show you the cake first. I always do things backwards! LOL You can make the rainbow a week before you make your cake if you want. It does need to be made a couple of days ahead so it will be dry.

Bake 2 cakes and let them cool. You pick the flavor but, they both need to be the same size. Cut the cake boards so they are the same size as the bottom of the cake.

Rainbow Cake with an Airbrushing Video

I am so bad at making things even. I need help to cut cakes so I use things I have on hand. Today I used my little disco dust bottles. I placed 4 around my cake and used it as a guide for my knife. It works for me and if you have any tips, I would love for you to share them in the comment section.

Let’s talk turntables for a minute. Cakes like this are so much easier with a  cake decorating turntable. I am not saying you have to have one but, it make things so much easier. I have this one from Fat Daddio and I love it. It weighs almost 20 pounds so it can candle any cake I throw at it. You can find turntables at local stores or cheaper ones online. You can also use your Michael’s coupon and get one for 40% off. I am not sure what brands they carry but, it is worth checking out.

Rainbow Cake with an Airbrushing Video

Once the cake is cut, remove the top layer and set it aside.

Rainbow Cake with an Airbrushing Video

Apply some frosting to the center and use the offset spatula to spread it to the sides.

Rainbow Cake with an Airbrushing Video

Place the top back on and spread a thin layer of icing on the sides and top. This is called the crumb coat. Chill for about 15 minutes in the freezer before you add the top coat of icing. If the crumb coat is nice and cold, your top coat won’t pick up crumbs and your icing will look nice and clean.

Do this to both cakes.

Rainbow Cake with an Airbrushing Video

Next, remove the cake from the freezer and place a good amount of icing on top of it. With the offset spatula, work from the center of the cake to the edges pushing the icing off the edge as you slowly turn the cake. Place the second cake on top and cover it with icing.

Rainbow Cake with an Airbrushing Video

Apply a generous amount to the sides and top because you are going to remove it for the spiral affect in a minute.


Rainbow Cake with an Airbrushing Video

Once your cake is smooth with the top coat, clean your spatula and use the tip to make a grove in the cake as you spin your turntable. Once you make your first circle, start guiding your spatula up as you spin.

Rainbow Cake with an Airbrushing Video

For the top, start on the edge and swirl to the center. You may need to clean your spatula several times during this step.

Rainbow Royal Icing Transfer

I have a little video for you since we are going to use the airbrush gun. Now, I must warn you, the weather here has been very gloomy and it is not as bright as I would like but, I wanted to share it with you.

Rainbow Cake with an Airbrushing Video

I made a few rainbow templates for you. Feel free to make them any size you want. Template 1 and Template 2. For instructions on how to make royal icing transfers click here or here.  Remember to make extra because royal icing transfers will break.

Once you have your patterns in place, outline the rainbows with white icing. Then flood every other one and let dry for about 20 minutes. If you don’t have an airbrush gun, you can use colored icing and it would be just as cute.

Rainbow Cake with an Airbrushing Video

Then flood the center. Let this dry overnight. It needs to be completely dry before you start moving it around for airbrushing.

Before we start the video, click here to learn how to use the airbrush gun. Click here to learn how to clean an airbrush gun.

Now for the video:

Rainbow Cake with an Airbrushing VideoOnce your rainbow is nice and colorful, place it into the top of your cake. I used a knife and made a couple of cuts so the rainbow wouldn’t break as it is placed in the cake.

If you want another cute cake, check out this one I made with the Shamrock Sugar Cubes

Rainbow Cake with an Airbrushing VideoThe rainbows would be really cute on cupcakes also. Make the templates any size you want. I also linked the top cake at Whipperberry.

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Happy Creating,

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