Simple Penguin Cookies

Fun and Simple Penguin Cookies with Cute Little Fish | The Bearfoot Baker

I made some simple penguin cookies way back in the day when I first started this blog. It was basically these simple penguin cookies, but you see, I have been thinking about remaking them for a long time only this time, I wanted to make them with Christmas colors and add some “fish-flakes” instead of snowflakes. I know fish flakes are what you feed fish, but what else am I supposed to call these cute little fish? Fishbones doesn’t have a nice holiday sound to it so “Fish-flakes” it is.

Simple Penguin Cookies with Fun Fish Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

No matter how many times I make these cookies I enjoy every moment of it like they are the first cookies I’ve ever decorated. They are the kind of cookies that can make a girl happy because they’re so darn fun.

Supplies for Simple Penguin Cookies:

Gingerbread Cookie Recipe or you can use a Sugar Cookie Recipe
Royal Icing

Icing Colors:
15 Second Royal Icing in a decorating bag with couplers fitted with #2 decorating tip in the following colors:

  • AmeriColor Super Black
  • AmeriColor Orange
  • Aqua-AmeriColor Sky Blue with a Drop of AmeriColor Leaf Green (If it is too dark you can add AmeriColor White or more icing to make it lighter)
  • White

Thick White Royal Icing in a piping bag fitted with a star tip

Penguin Cookie Cutter

Fish Cookie Cutter
Small Circle Cookie Cutter
Small White Nonpareils

Simple Penguin Cookies with Cute Hats | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Begin by making a batch of cookie dough and cutting out the simple penguin cookies.
  • Place them on a wire baking rack and let them cool before decorating them.
  • Once the cookies are cool, outlining and flooding the tummy and face area with the white icing.

Simple Penguin Cookies Decorated Sugar Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Outline and flood the hat with the red or aqua icing.
  • Outline (don’t flood) the body with the black icing.
  • Let the cookies dry completely or overnight before you move to the next steps. If you rush this step your icing colors may bleed together.

How to make these Fun Simple Penguin Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Flood the body with the black royal icing and let it dry completely.

Simple Penguin Cookies for Christmas | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Next, pipe a scarf by starting above the wing and continuing to the next wing and let it dry for about 10 minutes before adding the tails to the scarf.
  • The first tail should start at the bottom of the scarf so it looks as if it is coming from under it.
  • Let it dry for about 10 minutes so the top layer of the icing will dry and the scarf tales will look separated. If you don’t wait for the icing to crust over, it will look like one wide tail.

How to Make Simple Penguin Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

  • The next tail of the scarf should be piped over the top scarf.
  • Let it dry for about 10 minutes.
  • While it is drying, add some wavy lines to the top of the hats.
  • Once the scarf has dried for a few minutes, add the wavy lines to each section.

Cute and Simple Penguin Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

  • With the thick white icing, add the trim to the hat. The star tip will allow you to make a design so have fun with it.
  • Pipe the eyes with the black icing.
  • Add two tiny nonpareils to the eyes. It is optional but I think it makes a difference by giving these little guys a twinkle.
  • Add the toes and the beak with the orange icing and let the cookie dry completely before stacking or packing them in food-safe bags.

Simple Penguin Cookies with Funny Fish | The Bearfoot Baker

I first saw these fish on Pinterest. I am not sure if this is the original source but it is the only one I can find. If you know the original source, please let me know and I will add the proper link.

  • Begin by outlining the face and eye with the white 15-second icing.
  • Next, outline the tail.
  • Add the line for the backbone and ribs. Add a dot to the end of each rib.
  • Flood the tail and the head but don’t flood the inside of the eye.
  • Let it dry completely.

Tutorial for Simple Penguin Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

  • You don’t have to have a snowflake cookie cutter to make snowflakes. You can use circles and add snowflakes on top.

Learn How to Make These Simple Penguin Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

I hope you enjoy these fun simple penguin cookies as much as I do. Remember, if you ever get a request for the same cookies and get bored with the design, try adding some fun cookies to the platter to add a little fun and interest. I think I have another plan for these “fish-flake” cookies so don’t be surprised if you see them again like in this set of decorated polar bear cookies.

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