Puffer Fish Cookies

Simple Puffer Fish Cookies -Sugar Cookies Decorated with Royal Icing via www.thebearfootbaker.com

I want to tell you a story about a vacation a long, long time ago. We went to Destin, Florida and stayed at this amazing resort. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever had the privilege of staying at. The view was amazing, the grass looked like it belonged in a golf course everything looked like it belonged on the cover of a magazine. There were many activities to do with the kids and my boys chose to go fishing. I love fishing but I am not used to catching fish that live in the ocean. I am totally comfortable fishing in a river or a lake and catching fish like blue gills, bass, trout or even a mean old carp, but since I haven’t fished in the ocean that much during my lifetime, I am not sure how to get the little creatures off the hook. To say I do’t know what I am doing is an understatement, but I was a good sport and took the boys anyway. I honestly didn’t think they would catch anything, but boy was I wrong!

Within five minutes of being there, one of my son’s caught a ribbon fish and one caught a puffer fish. I didn’t have any idea how to take them off the hooks. As I stood there explaining to the boys why we don’t touch things that come out of the ocean (puffer fish are the second most poisonous creature on the planet), a really nice man handed me a glove and told me to use it to remove the ribbon fish from the hook. I am sure I looked like a deer caught in headlights because the next think I knew he was removing the ribbon fish and the puffer fish from the kids poles. I was very grateful and told him thank you about a hundred times as I packed our stuff so we could go back to the condo to find hubby to finish the fishing trip. The boys were happy and decided to ride bikes the rest of the afternoon.

Me? I wasn’t as happy as they were. I kept thinking how that puffer fish make itself bigger so we would leave it alone. Poor thing. I decided on that vacation that I didn’t want to fish ever again. My new way of having fun with the kids is to make cookies with them. So from here on out, I will stick to puffer fish cookies and hang up my fishing rod for ever. Cookies are a lot easier!

Simple Puffer Fish Cookies via www.thebearfootbaker.comWell, I may not hang up my fishing rod forever, but I won’t be fishing in the ocean anytime soon.

Supplies for Puffer Fish Cookies:

Royal Icing– For each puffer fish, make 2 colors of icing. Make a color for the body and a lighter version of the same color for the face.
White Icing-for the eyes
2- 4 mm Edible Bead -(New Favorite Brand is Alan Tetreault)
Black Food Safe Marker
Airbrush Gun and Airbrush Colors (Airbrushing is optional)
Circle Cookie Cutter
Fish Cookie CutterPuffer Fish Cookies www.thebearfootbaker.comBegin by cutting out some circles in your cookie dough. You need a size that is larger than the fish cookie cutter you use for the body.
Then, cut out some fish cookies. Use the circle cookie cutter to cut off the fish head like in the picture above. Place the fish tail cookie to the circle cookies and bake them according to the recipes. Puffer Fish Cookies thebearfootbaker.comOutline the body and the face of the puffer fish cookies. I used a #2 decorating tip.Puffer Fish Cookies by www.thebearfootbaker.comNext, flood the tail and let it dry for about 20 minutes. If you want to use the airbrush gun for this project you can. Airbrush the edges of the fish body.

You can see how to do it by watching the video.

Simple Puffer Fish Cookies with www.thebearfootbaker.comThen, flood the face of the cookies with the lighter color of icing. I used a #2 tip to flood the body but since the face is so big, I used a #2.5 PME tip. You can use whatever you have on hand.Puffer Fish Cookies by thebearfootbaker.comIf you notice any air bubbles you can pop them with a turkey lacer, toothpick or a BooBoo Stick. Let the cookies dry a while before you airbrush them. Puffer Fish Cookies with www.thebearfotbaker.comNow if you don’t have an airbrush gun, you can stop here and work on the eyes and the details, but if you want to airbrush the puffer fish cookies, you can. I think it adds some character but I like them both ways.

Easy Puffer Fish Cookies via www.thebearfootbaker.comOnce the cookies have been airbrushed, add the eyes. Make one at a time and add a 4 mm bead. Wait a few minutes before you make the other one so it will look like two different eyes instead of a big blob. Let the cookie dry completely.Fun Puffer Fish Cookie via www.thebearfootbaker.comAdd the details with a food safe marker.  Add a few lines to the tail and a simple little fin with a circle at the bottom. Use the marker to color in the circle. Fun Puffer Fish Cookies with www.thebearfootbaker.comUsing a food safe marker is super easy and will allow you to add the details to your puffer fish cookies very quickly.
The squiggley lines on the fish are not hard to make. Just start small at the top and make them bigger as you get close to the edge of the cookie.
The mouth is easy to make. Draw a line for the mouth and a small parenthesis on the side closest to the edge and a larger one on the other side.

Puffer Fish Cookies via www.thebearfootbaker.comThese little guys are a lot of fun to make and trust me, puffer fish cookies are safer and easier to deal with then real puffer fish!  If any kid ever asks me to take them fishing, I think I will make them cookies and then take a trip to Ripley’s Aquarium or to the Tennessee Aquarium. No more fishing for me!

Have you ever done anything for your kids that you immediately regretted? Leave a comment and let us know.

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