How to Make Dragonfly Fishing Lure Cookies

Can you believe its almost Father’s Day? Where has the time gone? I’m not really sure, but instead of stressing over time, I think we need to focus on Father’s Day. I think dragonfly cookies are a great place to start. 

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How to Make Dragonfly Fishing Lure Cookies Supply List:
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Cookie Cutters:

Royal Icing Colors:

Free Dragonfly Pattern-



Dragonfly Fishing Lure Cookie Video:

Let’s go fishing because we have fishing lures!

Dragonfly Fishing Lure Cookies Cutter:

Fly Fishing Sugar Cookies

  • Sherry at How Sweet is That? asked me if I’d like to work with her and make a few cookie cutters. This is the Dragonfly Cookie Cutter in the 5 Flies Cookie Cutter Set and I’m a little excited! I’m working on the tutorials for the others in this set and can’t wait to share them with you because they’ll work really well for Father’s Day. If you don’t get a chance to make them for your dad you can make them for the fishing guys in your life. Do me a favor and hashtag me at #thebearfootbaker so I can share your decorated cookies on Instagram.  I know everyone will love to see your work and I can’t wait to see what you make so share, share, share and share some more!

Dragonfly Fishing Lure Tutorial:

sugar cookie tutorial for Father's Day

  • Begin by baking your cookies and let them cool completely so your royal icing doesn’t fall off the side of the cookies as you decorate them. Been there, done that!
  • Outline and flood your cookies with white royal icing and let them dry completely. If you watch the video you’ll see I struggled with this part because I didn’t wait long enough for them too dry. It’s okay though because it worked and the colors didn’t bleed. What a relief!
  • After your white royal icing dries and you trace the pattern on the cookie begin outlining and drawing the blue feathers, the tails, and the hook. 
  • Flood the hook with the yellow royal icing and pipe the lines on the tail with the brown royal icing.  
  • Add a few brown and green dots leaving room to add one beside it. 
  • Use a turkey lacer to smooth out the icing. 

fishing fly cookies, fishing lure, sugar cookies for dad

  • Time for a little fun with a paintbrush. Mix a little TMP Super Gold Metalic Dust with a little vodka and paint the dragonfly hook.
  • Dip the brush into the mixture and touch a paper towel with the brush a few times. Then pull the brush over the blue feathers so it will airbrush them and add a little sparkle to the fishing lure. 
  • Next, use the back of the paintbrush to add a gold eye and some dots.
  • Let your cookie dry completely and then give it the fisherman or fisherwoman in your life because you know they’ll love them!

I hope you enjoy this set and stay tuned for more cutter from How Sweet is That? We already have more coming your way and I’ll share them soon.  And don’t forget to hashtag your photos to me! 

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