How to Make an Easy Pizza Cookie Platter

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When I shared the watermelon cookie platter tutorial with you on Sunday did you see what I saw? I guess it may have been the Pampered Chef Pizza Stone that the cookies were placed on or the way the watermelon slice at the top was shaped, but all I could see was a pizza laying on that oh so worn pizza stone. I changed my dinner plans that night and my husband and I went to one of our favorite pizza places and ate a slice for dinner. Well, it didn’t work. Yes pizza was on my mind, but not the kind you get at a pizza place. I needed pizza cookies. A platter full of them.

Once we got home I baked a bunch of 1 1/2″ circles and to make a pizza cookie platter. I mixed the icing and began decorating.
How to Make A Simple Pizza Cookie Platter by www.thebearfootbaker.comAs I stared at the circles I remembered seeing some pizza cookies that Sweet Sugar Belle made a few years ago. I looked at her tutorial and decided to make this platter by following the steps in her tutorial. It is perfect and you should follow it because I was raised that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  Her tutorial is perfect so I didn’t need to change it. However, I did want to add some of my favorite topping.

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To me a pizza is so much better if it has mushrooms and pepperoni placed perfectly on the top and then covered a little by the ooey gooey provolone cheese. Are you hungry yet? Let’s make a pizza cookie platter so we can all fill our pizza craving.

Supplies for Pizza Cookie Platter:

Sugar Cookie Recipe
Royal Icing Recipe
Skull Cookie Cutter- The one I used came out of a Wilton Halloween set. If you don’t have a skull cookie cutter, you can use a cupcake or number 8 cookie cutter.
1 1/2″ Circle Cookie Cutter
Tan 15 Second Icing-the same color used for the pizza crust
Red 15 Second Icing -the same color used for the pizza sauce
Ivory 15 Second Icing-the same color used for the cheese on the pizza
Airbrush Gun
Warm Brown AmeriMist ColorHow to Make an Easy Pizza Cookie Platter by www.thebearfootbaker.comLet’s begin by making the pepperoni and the mushroom cookies.

Mushroom Cookies:

  • Turn the skull cookie cutter so you are looking at the side of the cookie. Place it with the wide end on your left.
  • Pipe a curly letter “C” with the tan icing.
  • Now turn it around where the narrow end is closest to you.
  • Pipe the stem making it wide and rounded at the bottom.
  • Flood the mushroom cookie and let it dry for about 30 minutes.
  • Airbrush along the edge of the mushroom top and stem.  If you want to see airbrushing in action, you can watch the video in the Simple Cactus Cookies tutorial.
  • Now to make it look more like a mushroom, add more brown airbrush color under the right and left side of the mushroom cap.
  • Let them dry completely.

Pepperoni Cookies:

  • Outline and flood the pepperoni cookies with the same red icing you used for the pizza sauce.
  • While the icing is wet, add some different sized dots with the same icing you used to make the cheese.
  • Let them dry for about 30 minutes.
  • Next, airbrush the edge of each pepperoni with the brown airbrush color.
  • Let them dry over night.

How to Make this Fun Pizza Cookie Platter www.thebearfootbaker.comNow let’s talk about the pizza cookie platter. As I looked at the circles I wanted to see how many cookies could fit on my pizza stone so I could figure out how many cookies this platter could hold. This pizza cookie platter and the slice have 152 one and one half inch circle cookies. But don’t think that is all you can use because this platter can be endless if you want it to be. Now it won’t hold a million cookies but it can hold several hundred.

Let’s break it down.

Bottom Layer of the Pizza Cookie Platter:

  • 43 cookies with 1/2 crust and 1/2 sauce and cheese (the bottom layer worked better with 43 crust cookies but the next layers only needed 42)
  • 22 cookies with the sauce and cheese

Second Layer of the Pizza Cookie Platter:

  • 42 cookies with 1/2 crust and 1/2 cheese
  • 22 cookies with the sauce and cheese

Pepperoni Cookies for the Pizza Cookie Platter:

  • 9 pepperoni cookies only on top of the top layer (you can replace some of the cheese and sauce cookies to make each layer have pepperonis if you want)

That is a grand total of 138 one and a half inch circle cookies for 2 layer and 9 pepperoni on top. If you want or need more, just repeat this until you have the amount of cookies you need for your platter.  I stacked 240 cookies in my practice run and could have kept going. I ran out of cookies so I had to quit.

Pizza Slice:

  • 2 Pepperoni Cookies
  • 5 crust, sauce and cheese slices
  • 7 sauce and cheese slices

There are 14 one and one half inch circle cookies in the pizza slice cookie.Make a Simple and Fun Pizza Cookie Platter via www.thebearfootbaker.comThis is a great platter for small or very large groups and just think how fun it would be at Ninja Turtle themed birthday party! Cowabunga Dude! If you need more cookies, just make different kinds of pizzas! You can even have a pizza platter cookie buffet with different toppings in bowls and let the kids add onions, mushrooms, hamburger, Canadian bacon, bell peppers, green olives and black olives. Let them make it the way they want! How fun is that!

Or just split a slice with your sweetie for date night! The possibilities are endless! Enjoy!

Bear hugs,