How to Make Pretzel Cookies with Royal Icing

I have a dream. It’s a simple dream about making bread and different things that involve using yeast. You know, that magical stuff that makes everything taste delicious. The only problem is I haven’t invested enough time into learning all of the secrets of how to make delicious dough. I can’t seem bring myself to slow down enough to learn how to make gorgeous artisan bread. It makes me sad, but at least I can make pretzel cookies that look like real pretzels.

I know it’s not the same, but it’ll have to do until I get brave and tackle the yeast!

How to Make Pretzel Cookies with Royal Icing | The Bearfoot Baker

How to Make Pretzel Cookies with Royal Icing:

Sugar Cookie Recipe
Royal Icing Recipe

Heart Cookie Cutter-Use any size you want and round the point to a pretzel shape.

Royal Icing Colors:
Brown Royal Icing

Food Safe Marker
Turkey Lacer
Coarse Sanding Sugar
Paper for a Template

  • Begin by making a pretzel template and cutting it out.

How to Make Simple Pretzel Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Next, use the food safe marker to trace the pattern on the cookies.
  • Use the brown royal icing to pipe the pattern onto the cookies.

How to Make Easy Pretzel Cookies with Royal Icing | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Flood the center line of the pretzel and sprinkle it with the coarse sanding sugar.
  • Let the icing dry for a few minutes so it will form a crust on the top layer. This will help the royal icing on the pretzel cookie look separated as if it’s tied in a knot like real pretzels.
  • Once the center line of the pretzels has had a little time to dry, repeat the process with the rest of the cookie.
  • Use a turkey lacer to move the icing into the corners while the icing is wet.
  • While the icing is wet, sprinkle it with coarse sanding sugar.
  • Let it dry.

Simple Pretzel Cookies:

How to Make Pretzel Cookies with Royal Icing | The Bearfoot Baker

That’s it! Don’t you wish using yeast was as easy as decorating pretzel cookies with royal icing? Maybe one day I will master that amazing ingredient called yeast. Until then, I’ll enjoy sugar cookies!

Bear hugs,