How to Make Royal Icing Eyes with Free Patterns

Royal icing eyes are great little helpers to use on cookies and they save a lot of time.  Did you know you can use the circles for other things like a snowman’s cheeks or Santa’s buttons on his suit? It’s true. If you need a cheek, add a pink circle. If you need a nose, a witches wart, buttons, ornaments, or almost anything round, add a circle in the color you want.  The great thing about these is they’re dry and stored in an airtight container, easy to make, and ready when you need them.

How to Make Royal Icing Eyes with Free Patterns and Video | The Bearfoot Baker

Let’s make some eyes today and then you can go crazy and make whatever you need to make your cookies perfect!

Today we’re going to focus on the eyes and then you can make your own colors and then show us what you’ve made. We can’t wait to see!

How to Make Royal Icing Eyes with Free Patterns | The Bearfoot Baker

How to Make Royal Icing Eyes Supply List:
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Royal Icing Eyes Patterns:

Foam Board
Painters tape
Wax paper
Serrated Knife
Bench Scraper
Mercer Culinary 18-8 Stainless Steel Precision Tongs  Offset Tip or as I like to call them food tweezers.
White Icing
4mm Black Edible Dragees
Turkey Lacer

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How to Make Royal Icing Eyes Video

I hope you enjoy the video!


  • Let the royal icing transfers dry completely before you remove them from the wax paper. Don’t be afraid to let them stay on the wax paper for a day or two to make sure they’re dry. If they aren’t dry, they can break or crack and that will be sad.
  • Store the transfers in an airtight container away from the sun. The sun can cause them to fade, but remember, make sure they’re completely dry.
  • Always make more than you need because some of them will break. Having extra is a good thing!

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