How to Make Lovable Gingerbread Men Cookies

When you think of Christmas cookies what’s the first cookie that pops into your mind? For me, it’s gingerbread men cookies. The smell, the shapes, the taste, not to mention their personalities with their cute little frosting trim and hairstyles. They’ll capture your heart in a split second! The only thing better than eating them is decorating them.

How to Make Adorable Gingerbread Men Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

Remember when I told you I have a little trouble mixing the brown icing sometimes. Well, it happened again. See the gingerbread man in the top right of the picture? That’s what happens when I get in a hurry. I had to pour it back into the bowl and give it a good stir before flooding the other cookies. What can I say? It happens sometimes! Learn from me and stir it well before you place it in your bag. 

Supplies for How to Make Lovable Gingerbread Men Cookies:
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Gingerbread Cookie Recipe
Royal Icing Recipe

Royal Icing Colors:
Thick White Royal Icing-You want this icing to be thick so the frosting will hold it’s cute shape and won’t fall off the side of the cookies.

Gingerbread Color Royal Icing- You need to make a gingerbread men cookies color by mixing a little brown, a touch of red, and a small amount of yellow until you get the color your looking for. I used a bit more brown then the other colors. So mix a little at a time until you like it.

Black icing or 4mm black pearl dragees

Sprinkles and Tools:
Valentine Sprinkle Assortment
Red Heart Candy Shapes
Food Pen Jet Black or you can find it at Country Kitchen Sweetart.

Make These Gingerbread Men Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Begin by making a batch of gingerbread cookie dough and cutting out as many gingerbread men cookies and you need.
  • Bake them according to the recipe directions.
  • Let them cool completely before you begin to decorate.

Decorate the cookies:

  • Make the royal icing and mix your colors. You’ll need to make a thick white to use for the frosting on the cookie and a 15-second consistency icing with the gingerbread cookie color. The recipe for the color is under the supply list.
  • Next, place the icing in the Tipless Disposable Treat Bags and tie off the top of the bag so the icing doesn’t fall out. Trim off a small piece off the end for piping. The bag with the white royal icing will need a bigger hole than the gingerbread royal icing color.  Start small because you can trim off more if you need a bigger hole as you pipe.
  • Outline the gingerbread cookies and let them dry for a few minutes.

How to Make These Fun Little Gingerbread Men Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Flood the gingerbread men cookies.

How to Make Simple Gingerbread Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

While the royal icing is wet:

How to Make Gingerbread Men Cookies for Christmas | The Bearfoot Baker

It’s time for the finishing touches.

  • Add the cute frosting trim and the hair with the thick white royal icing.


How to Make Gingerbread Men Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Use a food-safe pen to give your little guys a smile that will melt your heart!

The video for How to Make Lovable Gingerbread Men Cookies:

What are you baking this week? Cookies, pies, cakes, or gingerbread men? Whatever it is I hope you’re having a blast! If you need a good gingerbread recipe, royal icing recipe, or just a Half Batch Royal Icing Recipe,  gingerbread playdough or just some fun gingerbread cookie ideas, just follow the link and I hope you find what you need.

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