Royal Icing Quick Tip

Do you know that little puff of meringue powder that makes a cloud and slowly blows up to your face when you make royal icing? Well, I hate that and since I usually mix my royal icing in the morning and the smell floats up my nostrils makes me queazy. This royal icing quick tip will help minimize it and it’s one of my favorite tips ever.

Royal Icing Quick Tip by

What could be better than using a Mason jar to mix the meringue and water? Nothing. The Mason jar is a miracle tool.

Royal Icing Quick Tip:
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Royal Icing Quick Tip

  • Gather the ingredients and place the water in the jar and add the flavor of your choice. This batch if flavored with Pure Almond Extract. I usually add Pure Vanilla Extract but today I am feeling like almond.

Royal Icing Quick Tip

  • Then, add the meringue power slowly with a spoon. If you pour it in it will make that annoying stinky cloud.

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  • Now for the fun part. Add the lid to the jar and shake your groove thing! Crank up the music and shake it, baby, shake it!

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  • You don’t have to slake like the paint mixer at Home Depot shakes up the paint at Home Depot. You just need to shake it until it is mixed well.

A Quick Tip for Making Royal Icing

  • Next, pour it over the powdered sugar.

How to Make Royal Icing-A Quick Tip

  • Turn the mixer on low and mix until the mixture is moist. Then turn the mixer on high just until the ingredients are combined.

Perfect royal icing without the puff of meringue powder waffling up your nose. I know this isn’t earth-shattering news but, it is a tip that helps keep me sane. I know it won’t work for everyone but, it works for me and hopefully, it will work for you as well.

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