Photography Tips

Photographing Food Improved My Photography

Photographing FOOD

I have always had a passion for photography. I love shooting pictures of wildlife. It is a thrill I can’t explain. I had never taken photography classes until I started making cookies. I bought a digital camera over a year ago and it changed everything. It simplified the learning process because I could see the […]

Customize White Balance

How-to-customize-white-balance by

How to Customize white balance. Does that sentence scare you? Well it shouldn’t. I can show you how simple it is to have beautifully colored photos in a few simple steps. You will never have to worry about a blue or an orange cast again. An inexpensive gray card is all you need. You will […]

Mother’s Day Gifts and a Giveaway!

Mothers Day Gift Ideas by The Bearfoot Baker

I grew up around women who cooked and baked so when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, it is a piece of cake! Well, something to make cake with is more like it. I though I would share some of my favorite baking and kitchen things with you in case you want to shopping early. […]

Poster Board for Pictures

A Bowl of Lemons

I love cute props and great background boards for my photos. I don’t want everything to look like it just came off the store shelf. I like to find things with character that will compliment and add interest to my pictures. Take this cute little pot for example. I think my grandma had several of […]

Taking Pictures of Cookies-The Background Matters

How to take pictures of cookies

This is going to be a short post. I am in no way telling you what to do but, I want to show you something. I surf the web all the time and I come across some showstopping cookies that I can’t see very well. They are amazing cookies but, the problem is, they get […]

I Have a DSLR Camera and I am not Afraid to Use It!

Hummingbird 1

The title of this makes me laugh because I just got my camera a little over a month ago and am still learning. But thanks to an AWESOME ONLINE CLASS I am taking I am not afraid to use it. I love this class so much I had to share it with you! I don’t […]

Parchment Paper Light Box for Natural Light

Outdoor Light Box 3

Yes, you read the title correctly! Did you know you can use parchment paper for more than baking? You can! I use it for all sorts of things but, the most unique is for my photography. Let’s face it, you can have the most beautiful cookies in the world and they can look bad because […]

Photo Boards for Your Pictures

Photo Board

When I began my cookie journey, I had a lot of questions about everything. I felt like a sponge trying to soak up all the information I could. Your photos can make your cookies look AMAZING or just alright! I know how hard we work to make pretty cookies and I want us all to […]

You are my Sunshine, (light box tutorial)

8 11 lightbox tutorial

My only sunshine, You make me happy when skies are gray, You’ll never know dear, how much I love you. Cause you make my picture turn out great! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!) This is my light box. I have named her Sunshine. She is my sunshine in the rain, at midnight or even at noon when skies […]