Customize White Balance

How to Customize white balance. Does that sentence scare you? Well it shouldn't. I can show you how simple it is to have beautifully colored photos in a few simple steps. You will never have to worry about a blue or an orange cast again. An inexpensive gray card is all you need. You will save yourself a lot of time editing photos. … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Gifts and a Giveaway!

I grew up around women who cooked and baked so when it comes to Mother's Day gifts, it is a piece of cake! Well, something to make cake with is more like it. I though I would share some of my favorite baking and kitchen things with you in case you want to shopping early. I have also added a few others things I love.  Mother's Day is on May 12th … [Read more...]

Poster Board for Pictures

I love cute props and great background boards for my photos. I don't want everything to look like it just came off the store shelf. I like to find things with character that will compliment and add interest to my pictures. Take this cute little pot for example. I think my grandma had several of these but, back then, I didn't know I would want them. … [Read more...]

Taking Pictures of Cookies-The Background Matters

This is going to be a short post. I am in no way telling you what to do but, I want to show you something. I surf the web all the time and I come across some showstopping cookies that I can't see very well. They are amazing cookies but, the problem is, they get lost by the background. Taking pictures of cookies is not hard but, there are a few … [Read more...]