13 Anne York with The Flour Box Bakery

Episode # 13 Anne York with The Flour Box Bakery:

#13 Anne York with The Flour Box Bakery | The Bearfoot Baker

Talking to Anne is one of those things you’ll remember for the rest of your life! She’s a baker, blogger, owns The Flour Box Bakery, teaches Craftsy classes (getting ready to add her third class SOON), mother of two, and an amazing person in general. Her creativity and talent will make you feel like your someone special because of the love and care she puts into her work.

Anne is also getting ready to release an ebook called How to Host A Cookie Decorating Class and I can’t wait to buy it. She shares how to host a cookie party or how to teach a class with all things you need to make it successful. These aren’t the things you need to do the night before the class. She prepares you to make a plan two weeks before so your ready for any situation. With her tips, you’ll be the best teacher because ever.

She’s thought of things that we may encounter and has a plan to help us prepare for them. This sounds like a book we all need!  Think about it, if you hosting a holiday cookie party, decorate your own cookie birthday party, or teaching a Halloween or Christmas cookie class, wouldn’t it be nice to have Anne right there beside you? That is the plan I want to follow. Thanks, Anne for making this ebook and helping us be successful! You can purchase it from www.flourboxbakery.com in mid-June.

I bet you can’t wait to hear this podcast, but before you start, you need to know where to find Anne and all her amazing cookies. There are a few links below that will help you see all the love she pours into her decorating. You’ll also find links to cookies she made for a movie star along with the movie star sharing them for social media! Did I mention Anne is awesome!

# 13 Anne York with The Flour Box Bakery

The Flour Box Bakery page links:

Check out some of the amazing work Anne York has created. This is true Cookie Art and will make you fall in love with her and her cookies if you haven’t already!

Cookies for Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory:

I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I did. Be sure to stop in and say hi to Anne and show her some love! And check out her

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