#16 Sue Sparks Munchkin Munchies

#16 Sue Sparks Munchkin Munchies, I know you’ve heard Munchkin Munchies several times and I’m sure if you make cookies she’s left a comment telling you what she loves about them. Sue is full of kindness, love, and shares her sweet treats with all of us on her social media. Sue compliments the world with cookies and makes us all feel loved with her precious treats and comments.

I had the privilege of talking with her during this interview and she filled my heart with her love and kindness.

#16 Sue Sparks Munchkin Munchies

#16 Sue Sparks Munchkin Munchies:

Where can you find the fabulous Sue Sparks? Munchkin Munchies blog of course! If you visit her blog you will see all kinds of cookies from cute monkeys, gingerbread men, ice cream cone and all kinds of different cookies. Spend some time showing her some of the love she’s shared with us.

Sue is one talented cookie decorator and I love seeing all of her work, but do you know what I love the most about her? I love seeing all the encouraging words, sweet compliments, and joy she shared with our community. When you think of The Power of a Cookie you probably think of people who are making hundreds of cookies and selling them for a charity they care about. That’s a great way to show what you can do to use cookies to help those in need, but you don’t have to spend all day every day in the kitchen baking. Sue uses the love we all share to encourage us and that helps us build confidence. When we have confidence we can use cookies to change the world and make life better. 

Life changing cookies are a powerful way to make the world better and Sue does that with every compliment, every internet smile and every single drop of icing she puts on her cookies. Sue’s cookies make me happy because they show what a sweet person she is. I can see the love that went into making them and I hope I can learn from her. 

It’s time we share some cookie love today. Head over to one of Sue’s cookie pictures and tell her how much you appreciate her words and kindness. Let’s give her some of the love she’s shared with all of us.

Thank you, Sue! You make our lives better!

Bear hugs,