#19 Sugar Mama with Ashley Beebout

#19 Sugar Mama with Ashley Beebout

#19 Sugar Mama Ashley Beebout

Ashley Beebout is a self-taught decorator and through her cookie journey, she’s taken a few classes from Arty McGoo and Butterwinks. She has an incredible eye for design and adding texture to her cookies and I think she can make just about anything you could think of. Ashley and I met at Cookie Con so when I started thing of doing a podcast I knew I wanted her to be a guest. If you’ve met her you’ll know how sweet she is and if you’ve seen her cookies you know what she can do with sugar!

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month is this November and you can help raise awareness. Ashley is heading up a Cookie Campaign and you can purchase a Pancreatic Cancer Awareness cookie cutter from BobbisCookiesCutters and a matching stencil from 2T’s Stencils, Partial proceeds for this cutter (or cutter/stencil combo) will be donated to PanCan. Follow her on Instagram for more information, On November 15, 2018, post your cookies to your social media to help raise awareness.

Things we talked about:
The Cookie Room- The name of Ashley’s studio
The Lost Cutters- Guess where she found them.

Where can you find Ashley? I’m glad you asked.

#19 Sugar Mama with Ashley Beebout

Sugar Mama on Facebook
ashley_sugarmama– on Instagram
Ashley will be on McGoo U in February 2019.

You’ll learn all kinds of things when you listen to the podcast so be sure to listen now and show Ashley some love.

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