#20 Mama Mayer Bakery with Diane Mayer

#20 Mama Mayer Bakery with Diane Mayer

#20 Mama Mayer Bakery with Diane Mayer | The Bearfoot Baker

#20 Mama Mayer Bakery with Diane Mayer

I met Diane at Cookie Con and we formed an instant friendship. It started off by having breakfast together and inviting someone we didn’t know to sit with us. It was a great breakfast and an even better friendship that started that day. We don’t talk often because of busy lives, but when we do, we know why we’re friends. The power of a cookie brought us together and will help us stay friends for years to come. This is why this podcast is so important to me. You can take a little sugar, butter, and eggs and turn it into cookies that form friendships that will last a lifetime.

Diane has lived in different states and has made cookies along the way. She donates them to fundraisers, gives cookie gifts to people she meets, and to those who volunteer their time and efforts to something they’re passionate about. This is what The Power of a Cookie is about. Diane makes everyone she knows feel as if they are the most important people in the world one cookie at a time. She fills the cookie box with love and cookies made just for them. She’s a beautiful person on the inside and out and she makes a difference one cookie at a time.

This podcast is full of inspiration and how to come up with cute ideas on cookies to make. Mama Mayer Bakery will share how she comes up with the cookie puns and ideas. It makes me want to go into the kitchen now and begin baking something like Diane does with cookies and a lot of love.

If you want to know where to find Mama Mayer Bakery just follow the links below. I promise you’ll love her cookies and you won’t forget them!

Mama Mayer Bakery
Instagram- Mamamayerbakery

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