DIY Airbrush Cleaning Pot

You Have to See This! A DIY Airbrush Cleaning Pot | The Bearfoot Baker

Do you own an airbrush gun? If so, where do you clean it? When I airbrush I stand by the sink so I can easily rinse out the gun in between each color. Then the other day I was watching The Cookie Countess on Periscope  and she had an airbrush cleaning pot. A what? An airbrush cleaning pot so she could rinse out her airbrush gun no matter where she was when she was using the gun. WOW! I decided I wanted one so I could sit at the table and airbrush instead of being chained to the sink.

When I looked them up online I noticed they are about $15 to $30. Not bad but being the DIY kinda person I am I decided to make my own airbrush cleaning pot with things I have around the house. I surprised myself by how quickly I made it and how simple it is to make. I knew I had to share this with you immediately.
Inexpensive Airbrush Cleaning Pot | The Bearfoot Baker

Keep in mind, I am not trying to talk you out of buying your own professional airbrush cleaning pot, I am just trying to save you a little money by showing you how simple it is to make your own with things you probably have laying around the house. I have been using mine for about a week now and it is a game changer. I can airbrush cookies while filming videos for you without running to the sink every few minutes.

Supplies for DIY Airbrush Cleaning Pot:

Mason Jar
Mason Jar Lid
Needle Nose Pliers
Hole Punch
Fingernail File
Paper Towel

Airbrush Cleaning Pot | The Bearfoot BakerAre you ready? This is so simple it will be over before you know it so hold on tight and let’s do this!

DIY Airbrush Cleaning Pot | The Bearfoot BakerHole punch one hole on the Mason Jar lid making sure to push the hole to the back side of the lid so the top will be nice and smooth when we are done. It might not pop out the little ‘chad’ but that is alright because I will show you how to knock it off in a minute.

Easiest Ever Airbrush Cleaning Pot | The Bearfoot BakerSee, no matter how hard I squeezed my little 69¢ hole punch from the Dollar General could not pop out the hole. No big deal. I am smarter than a Mason Jar lid! At least I hope so.

Easy DIY Airbrush Cleaning Pot | The Bearfoot BakerMove to the opposite side of the lid and punch three more holes. These holes are going to act as the filter when we place the lid on the jar.

How to Make a Simple Airbrush Cleaning Pot | The Bearfoot BakerRemember those hateful little holes that wouldn’t pop out? Ha! We are going to make them pop out with our needle nose pliers. Just place the tip of the plier on the punched hole and push. It will easily push through.

How to Make a Cleaning Pot with a Mason Jar | The Bearfoot BakerFlip the lid over and use the pliers to remove those pesky little ‘chads.’

How to Make a Simple Airbrush Cleaning Pot with a Mason Jar! It is so Easy! | The Bearfoot BakerRemember when I told you to make sure the hole was punched toward the backside of the lid? That is because the lid will be jagged where the holes were punched.

Take your pliers and stick the nose into the holes and twist to make each hole smooth. Do this from the top side of the lid.

How to Make an Easy Airbrush Cleaning Pot | The Bearfoot BakerRepeat with a Sharpie. I did this because if I pulled the end of the Sharpie out and it was cut in anyway, I used the pliers again to make sure the holes were smooth. I thought it would be better to damage a Sharpie instead of my fingers.

A Simple way to Make Your Own Airbrush Cleaning Pot | The Bearfoot BakerThe back of the lid will never be completely smooth again but I used a fingernail file to help smooth off the rough edges. Be careful you don’t cut your fingers when pushing the fingernail file over the sharp metal and when washing it. I don’t want you to damage your decorating hand!

A Simple Way to Make an Airbrush Cleaning Pot | The Bearfoot BakerI debated on covering the lid with a thin piece of cloth or a paper towel. I chose a paper towel as my filter but if the moisture makes the paper towel wet to the point it needs to be replaced more than once during an airbrush session, I will switch it for a thin piece of cloth.

How to Make an Inexpensive Airbrush Cleaning Pot | The Bearfoot BakerAttach the lid start airbrushing!

Inexpensive Airbrush Cleaning Pot | The Bearfoot BakerSee! An airbrush cleaning pot and I didn’t have to buy one single thing! You’ve gotta love that!

Make a Simple Airbrush Cleaning Pot with a Mason Jar | The Bearfoot BakerWhen you are ready to wash out your gun, stick it in the lid and pull the trigger. Add a little water and rinse it out until the gun runs clean with no airbrush color coming through. I love this new “free” tool! I didn’t have to buy a thing and I don’t have to worry about storing something that is just used on cookies. I can wash the jar and place the lid in my airbrush gun box. No storing necessary.LOOK! You can Make Your Own Airbrush Cleaning Pot with Things You Have Around the House | The Bearfoot Baker

If you don’t feel like punching holes in lids don’t worry, I have another way to make this bad boy. I must tell you that the lid on the Parmesan Cheese can doesn’t fit as well as I would like so I prefer the Mason Jar lid. But if you don’t pick it up by the cute little green lid I think this one will work for you. It is snug but I want something tighter because I spill things and drop things. But if you are careful, this will work for you.

Here is a video to show you how to make the Mason Jar lid and how to use the Parmesan Cheese lid.

Enjoy your airbrush cleaning pot! I know I am enjoying mine and you will see it in my videos from time to time!

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