How to Make Mason Jar Cookies with Video

How to Decorate Mason Jar Cookies with a How to Video | The Bearfoot Baker

Do you like flowers? I wish I could grow different kinds so I could stick them in Mason Jars and put them in every room of my house. I don’t have a green thumb because my thumbs are always covered in sugar, but that’s alright. I’d rather play in sugar instead of having to work outside all day. Mason jar cookies work better for me anyway so I can decorate them and give colorful bouquets to friends and family.

How to Make Simple Mason Jar Cookies with a How to Video | The Bearfoot Baker

Do you have a flower garden? What kind of flowers do you grow? Is that going to determine what kind of flowers you decorate for your Mason jar cookies? I only ask because I want to make another batch and fill them with sunflowers or yellow daisies. If Mason jars of yellow flowers start popping up around the house I will be sure to share a tutorial with you because Mason Jars full of sunflowers are gorgeous! 

Supplies for Mason Jar Cookies:

Sugar Cookie Recipe
Royal Icing Recipe

AmeriColor Sof Food Paste Gel Icing Colors:
Sky Blue and Gray 15 Second Royal Icing Consistency
Thick Royal icing in the following colors:
Super Red Royal Icing-just a little to make the pink flower color
Leaf Green Royal Icing
White Royal Icing
*Thick icing means the icing should hold a shape like a stiff peak.

Airbrush System & Colors
Airbrush gun
Sky Blue AmeriMist Airbrush Color
Lucks Blanco White Airbrush Color

Cookie Cutters:
Mason Jar Cookie Cutter-The one used here is Sweet Sugarbelle’s Cutter but any Mason Jar Cutter will work.
Circle Cookie Cutter-a size that matches the top of your cookie cutter-see image below

# 1 Decorating tip
#2 PME or #3 PME decorating tip
#21 Star Tip
#352 Leaf Tip

  • Bake a batch of sugar cookie dough and cut out the Mason jar cookie shapes.
  • When picking a circle cookie cutter, try to find one that is about the size of the top of the Mason jar and then cut out the circle shapes.
  • Use the top of the jar cutter to trim off the bottom of the circle cookie so the jar will sit inside the circle like a perfect little puzzle piece.
  • Gently place the jar shapes into the prepared circle cookies on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or a Silpat.
  • Bake the cookies and let them cool completely.
  • Mix a batch of royal icing.
  • Thin the blue icing to a 15 Second Consistency. One super tiny drop will make a beautiful Mason jar color so be careful and don’t add too much.
  • The dark pink, white, and green needs to be thick enough to hold a shape.

How to Make Cute Mason Jar Cookies with a How to Video | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Outline and flood the jar with the light sky blue royal icing and let it dry for at least an hour.

How to Make Simple Mason Jar Cookies with Video | The Bearfoot Baker

Once the sky blue icing has dried it’s time to add the details.

  • 15-Second Icing will work on the writing, but only if it comes out of the #1 decorating tip easily. If you icing curls as you apply pressure to the bag that means it’s too thick. Remix the icing by adding a little water (just a little at a time) until the icing will flow out of the tip without curling. This might be frustrating right now, but the more you do it the easier it will be in the future.
  • Outline the jar like in the picture above.
  • Time to write the word “love” on the jar. Don’t stress! Take a deep breath and do it. Practice on a piece of parchment paper if need be, but you can do this. If I can do it, you can do it! Remember, you can do it because you’re amazing! 


  • Mix the Sky Blue AmeriMist color with the Lucks White Airbrush Color. You can watch the video to see how to mix the colors, but here is a little advice, a very small amount of blue will go a long, long way. A drop of blue with a cap full of white will make a great Mason Jar blue shading color. You may have to test and experiment with your colors to get a color that will work best for you.
  • Spray the edges of the jar where you piped the lines.
  • Spray the word “love” but don’t be obsessive about it. Just point and lightly spray.

How to Make Rustic Mason Jar Cookies with Video | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Outline and flood the lid of the jar.
  • Let it dry for at least 30 minutes.
  • Pipe two lines for the lid and let it dry for an additional 30 minutes.

How to Make Mason Jar Cookies with a How to Video | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Use the star tip to make the swirl roses. Watch the video to see how to make some of them higher than the others. If you want to know how to make a swirl rose, you can watch the swirl rose tutorial here.
  • Add a few leaves and stand back to look at the beautiful Mason Jar full of flowers you made.

How to Make Mason Jar Cookies with Video

When you watch the video you will see how simple it is to make the swirl roses and how to mix the airbrush color for the shading. Don’t stress anything. You can do it because you’re amazing!

How to Make Simple Mason Jar Cookies with a How to Video | The Bearfoot Baker

Now that we know how to make Mason jar cookies we can give them as gifts, use them as wedding favors, or even make a beautiful bouquet for our BFF’s just because. I can’t wait to see what you all do with your jar cookies. What kind of flowers are you going to fill your Mason jar with? I’d love to see them so send me pictures or tag me! So how many Mason Jar Cookies are you going to make?

Bear hugs,