Sweet Sugarbelle Cookie Cutter GIVEAWAY

Guess what? It’s giveaway time again! I’ve been on vacation for the last two weeks and I’m not only feeling rested, I feel ready. Ready to start baking all kinds of cookies, cakes, cupcakes and holiday goodies. There’s only one problem. I want you to feel as ready as I am to face all kinds of cookie projects. The best way to do that is share some cookie cutter love with you by having a Sweet Sugarbelle cookie cutter giveaway. I wish I could give every cookie decorator in the world a set but sadly I can’t.Sweet Sugarbelle Cookie Cutter Giveaway | The Bearfoot Baker

I only have one set of the Sugarbelle Shape Shifters Cookie Cutter Sets at the moment so I guess that means we will have one cookie cutter winner. But WAIT! I have something for everyone today! Keep reading because at the end of this post I’m gonna give you something I’ve made just for you! I think your gonna love it!

You really need a set of Callye’s cookie cutters. Look at the cute Ballerina Slipper Cookies I made following Sugarbelle’s instructions and stencils from the Shape Shifters Set. She’s made everything easy so all we have to do is follow along with the step by step cards she provided. It’s simple. The cookies are cute and I think we should make cookies together.How to Make Simple Little Ballet Slipper Cookies with a How to Video | The Bearfoot Baker

Enter Sweet Sugarbelle Cookie Cutter Giveaway by Leaving a Comment Below:


The winner is: Kimberly – “Winning these cutters would be the royal icing on the cookies and thank you for the halloween e book”

Congrats Kimberly! Check your email so I can send you your Sweet Sugarbelle Shape Shifter Cookie Cutters!

Don’t miss out and forget to enter the Sweet Sugarbelle Cookie Cutter Giveaway!

Now that I’m back from vacation I plan on using Sugarbelle’s cutters to make holiday cookies and fun birthday cookies. Leave a comment below so you’ll be entered for a chance to win. One winner will be selected and I will announce it here on this post October 9, 2016, which is Sunday night. CONTEST CLOSED!

Everyone’s A Winner Today!

Since I’m in such a giveaway mood I have something FREE for everyone! It’s not cookie cutters but I think you’ll like it. It’s my 10 Kid-Friendly Halloween Cookie FREE Ebook!

Decorated cookies don’t have to be hard. If you get creative and think outside of the cookie cutter, you can come up with super simple designs that make really cute cookie cutters. Thats the thing I like best about the cookies in my 10 Kid-friendly Halloween Cookies FREE Ebook. The decorating is made easy by using colored cookie dough. Since the cookies are colored you won’t spend all day mixing icing and waiting for it to dry. If you need a lot of Halloween cookies for the kids and their friends, your co-workers, trick-or-treaters or just to give away for fun, you need to download this ebook. Host a Halloween cookie decorating party, bake the cookies in advance, make our buy some candy eyes, gather a few supplies and watch everyone have a blast!

Okay. Now you have a few things to do.

  1. Enter a comment below for a chance to win this Sugarbell Cookie Cutter Giveaway. Say anything you want as long as it’s nice and sweet like sugar cookies.
  2. Sign up for the 10 KID-friendly Halloween Cookies Ebook! You’r gonna love the simple cute colored dough cookies!
  3. Watch HSN on October 5th to see Callye aka Sweet Sugarbelle in action. She will be showing us her cool cookie cutters and with HSN you will get a chance to sign up for the auto-ship cookie cutters. You can only get the auto-ship cutters while Callye is on HSN. You won’t find them in stores so be sure to watch.

Could this post be more exciting? Only if we were together decorating cookies and watching Callye on HSN.

Bear hugs,