#24 The Cookie Architect with Rebecca Weld

#24 The Cookie Architect Rebecca Weld The Power of a Cookie | The Bearfoot Baker

Have you seen The Cookie Architect Rebecca Weld’s cookies? She’s an amazing cookie decorator. I love looking at the different designs she creates. The colors she chooses are perfect for each set of cookies. They’re truly works of art. She’s creative, artistic, and intelligent and it shows in each cookies she decorates.

When you wonder where the name Cookie Architect comes from well, it’s simple. She’s an architect with her own firm. Think about it, she designs building and that talent over flows on her cookies. They’re beautiful and one of a kind. I get lost in the fabulous designs and colors.

Rebecca is also a mother to two boys and makes cookies to give to friends and family. Even though she’s running her own architect firm and makes cookies for friends and family, sometimes she finds herself making cookies to help raise money for charity. She talks about that in the podcast so you don’t want to miss it.

I’ll be honest, her puzzle cookies make my heart happy. When you look at all those puzzle pieces it’s incredible how the beautiful pieces fit together. After you look at it you don’t want to eat it because it’s a work of art. All of her cookies look like art pieces.

Episode #24 The Cookie Architect with Rebecca Weld:

I know you’ll want to follow The Cookie Architect with Rebecca Weld and see her beautiful creations so I’ve listed a few links below so you can follow her cookie art. I know you’re going to love the every cookie she makes with the gorgeous designs and colors.

The Cookie Architect
Facebook: The Cookie Architect
Instagram: thecookiearchitect

Remember in the podcast when we talked about the first cookies The Cookie Architect made? Here is a picture of her snowflake cookies. I don’t know about you but I’m having a hard time believing these are the first cookies she ever made. WOW! They’re so pretty.

#24 The Cookie Architect Snowflake Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

Thanks for listening to The Power of a Cookie. I’m so happy Rebecca was a guest and told us about her cookies. I hope you’ll join me and spend some time looking at her cookie photos and get lost in her designs. I know most of you all ready follow her, but if you don’t you should totally check out her website. When you see her cookies you’ll know they’re works of art!

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