4: Share the Cookie Love with Maryann Rollins

Share the Cookie Love is a perfect title for this post because that’s exactly what Maryann Rollins aka The Cookie Artisan does. She’s is one of those special people who make you feel as if you’ve known her forever. She has a bubbly personality, awesome smile and she’s always full of positive things to say about other people. She’s special to me because she takes the time to inspire, encourage, and help others with her cookie decorating.

#4 Share the Cookie Love with Maryann Rollis The Cookie Artisan The Power of a Cookie | The Bearfoot Baker

Words are powerful and I don’t have enough to describe this amazing hero of mine and what she does with her power of a cookie. In this episode, we’re going to talk about how Maryann uses cookies to “bake the world better one cookie at a time.”

  • She gave cookies to her daughters pre-school class so the kids would feel special.
  • Maryann sold cookie classes to 5 women at $500 each to raise money for elementary school.
  • She makes cookies for the band kids and they call them “show cookies” and won’t eat them because they’re so beautiful.
  • There are so many different fundraisers she makes cookies for that I can’t possibly name them all.

One of the charities Maryann is working with now is Limbs for Life. It’s a program that helps people all over the world get prosthetics and they even collect used prosthetics so they can use the parts to repair those that break. They work with missionaries to deliver and repair them in foreign countries. Sometimes when you mail things, they don’t arrive because of various reasons. Limbs for Life sends people to deliver them personally to make sure those in need get help.

Maryann met Adrianne Haslet, the ballroom dancer that lost her leg in the Boston bombings. Maryann said that Adrianne’s story changed her forever. She recommends we visit Adrianne Haslet-Davis on Facebook and her website www.adriannehaslet.com to see her life after the tragic event. She’s a motivational speaker who works tirelessly all over the world to raise awareness for Limbs for Life. She’s also a board member. The list of things she does goes on and on.

I know a little about how a prosthetic arm works because my son Tylor was born without a left hand. He wore his prosthetic for a short time in his life, but he chooses not to wear one. With or without it that boy can do anything! He rock climbs, plays the piano, works on computers, fishes, and anything else you can imagine. I’m always amazed by him.

Maryann told me that on average, 507 people lose a limb a day. That’s number is shocking. I never dreamed it was so high. I think the most shocking part is most people don’t have insurance to cover it. They cost thousands of dollars and you need to replace them every 6 years or so.

If you want to help, make a donation, or find out more on how to donate used prosthetics, you can find information on the Limbs for Life Give Now, page.

Do you see why Maryann is one of my cookie heroes? You don’t have to have anything more than butter, sugar, royal icing, and love to bake the world better one cookie at a time. You can give cookies to kids, your postal worker, firemen, police officers, or someone random. It will put a smile on their face and make them feel special. Maryann is really good at giving people a cookie hug!

Who do you want to Share the Cookie Love with today?

Share the Cookie Love:

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