#9 Sweet Charity Cookies with Michelle Jones

Every now and then you meet someone who has a different view of life and it makes you stop and think. I met Michelle Jones from Sweet Charity Cookies at Cookie Con and she’s one of those people with an amazing view on how to help others. When I think about donating cookies or selling them to raise money, I never would’ve thought about selling them to raise money for children’s hospice, but that’s exactly what Michelle does.

#9 Sweet Charity Cookies with Michelle Jones

Michelle designs and decorates thousands of cookies and sells them to raise money to donate to the families in need. When you first hear ‘children’s hospice’ you probably get sad because we all know that hospice provides care for the sick, especially the terminally ill. When you think about a child needing that kind of care you automatically feel your heart breaking. If you listen to the podcast, Michelle talks about how hospice is a happy place. The children go to rest, but there is also sensory games and activities for all the children including the brothers and sisters. It makes a difference and helps support the families during this time.

Michelle has made and sold thousands of cookies to help support Frances House which is the children’s hospice that’s local to Michelle’s area. She and her family donate all supplies it takes to make packages the cookies. Then they go to the Christmas market to sell them. As you listen to the podcast you will hear how kind and sweet Michelle is. She’s truly passionate about helping the Frances House Families.

If you hear about a child with life-limiting illnesses I hope you’ll think of how Michelle and her family use the power of a cookie. Raising money to help families facing these challenges is a very smart way to use a cookie to change the world. Thank you, Michelle. The world can use more people like you!

9 Sweet Charity Cookies with Michelle Jones

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