Add a little Love

I wanted this cookie cutter until I saw the price! I love the original design and I could think of several different things to do with it, but $30? I  am not doubting the craftsmanship but there is no way I want to pay $30 for a cutter that I may or may not use more than one time.  So I decided to think of something else I could do to get the same look.

Want to make one?


Pink Outline icing
Pink Flood Icing
White Outline Icing
White Flood Icing
Red Twenty Second Icing
Wilton Pear Color Mist Spray
Pink Disco Dust
Paint Brush for applying Disco Dust

Let’s Create!

You can make this cookie with many different shapes like circles, ovals, squares or any cutter you want to add a little love to.I used a plaque cutter and  after I pressed it  into the dough I pressed the heat cutter into the top right corner and baked. It is that simple and I used what I had without shelling out $30.

Now for the fun part!

With the pink outline icing, outline cookie except for the heart and the white band.

 Next, flood with the pink flood icing.

While the pink is wet, make the white lines with the outline icing in sets of 3. When I make lines, I start piping and do not stop. I want the lines to line up from top to bottom so this is what works for me.

Next, we need to clean things up a little, so take your boo boo stick or a toothpick and remove the white icing in the band area.

Now let this dry for a few hours.

Once your pink is dry, use the white outline icing to outline the sides of the band.

Then, flood with the white flood icing.

With the red icing, outline and flood the heart.

Now for the “love.” I used a food safe marker to write the word love then used my pink outline icing to pipe over it.

Let this dry completely.

Now we just need to add a little sparkle.

To make these baby shine, spray with Wilton Pearl Color Mist. All you do is follow the directions on the can. I hold the can about 10 inches from the cookie and begin to spray. If I need to move it closer to get the effect I want  I do so. Just remember, you can always add more but you can’t take it off. If you spray a heavy amount on your cookie it will change the color of the icing so you might want to test on a practice cookie before you do this for an order or a birthday party.

While the Color Mist is wet, add the Baby Pink Disco Dust by dipping your paint brush into the disco dust and tapping it while holding over your cookie like I did here. This will allow you to control the amount of sparkle you add. Apply as much or as little as you want.

Now you know how to add love to your everyday cutters. Just add a little heart without breaking the bank!