How to Make Adorable Pink Kitty Cookies

I love decorating cookies with my grandkids. It’s super fun and I love seeing their creativity when they pick up a decorating bag full of royal icing. They didn’t help decorate these pink kitty cookies, but I know my granddaughter Brooke will want to make them the next time we’re together. She loves cats and sugar cookies so I know these will be a hit. All we have to do is wait until school is out so I can spend a week with them swimming, going to Dollywood, and decorating every single cookie they can imagine. 

The Bearfoot Baker, Sugar Cookies, Royal Icing, Cat Cookies

I don’t think my grandson Tripp will enjoy this design as much as his sister does so now I need to figure out what he wants to decorate. I’ll let you know when I have a plan. Until then, will you make these cookies with me? Let’s get started!

Supply List:
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Cookie Cutters:

  • Cat Cookie Cutter- I honestly don’t know where I purchased this cookie cutter, but almost any cat face cutter will work. Here is a link to one by Ann Clarks: 4″ Cat Face Cookie Cutter. It’s super cute and if you want the pointy ears you can trim the dough before you bake it. 

Royal Icing Colors:
(I like AmeriColor and The Cookie Countess food gel color but use whatever you like.)

All the consistencies of the royal icing are 15 Second Consistency.

  • Pink
  • White
  • Black


How to Make Adorable Pink Kitty Cookies Video:

Enjoy the video!

Let’s decorate!

The Bearfoot Baker

  • I don’t know about you, but I like to have my design for the cookie done ahead of time. Before I bake the cookies I trace the cookie cutter and sketch how I want it to look. In this case, I wanted to cut out the cat’s nose and use it as a pattern so all of the final cookies looked the same. If you have paper, a pencil, and scissors it’s simple to do. 
  • I don’t need it yet, but once the cookies are baked I make sure the pattern still fits because the cookies could have spread as they baked. This is a good fit so let’s get started.

pink cat cookies

  • Outline the cat’s face with the pink royal icing.
Time to flood:

royal icing, sugar cookies

  • Flood the cat’s face with the pink royal icing and let it dry for a while. You need to add the pattern to the nose without crushing the icing so let it dry in front of a fan for a few hours. 
Let the icing dry before you add the nose:

decorate sugar cookies

  • Once the icing has dried enough use a turkey lacer to scratch the shape of the nose onto the cookie.
Add the nose and whiskers:

royal icing

  • Outline and flood the nose with the black royal icing.
  • With the nose in place, it’s easier to know where you want the eyes. Pipe two dots and feel free to make one larger because it adds a lot of character to the cute little kitten. 
  • Next, pipe three whiskers on each side and a line from the nose to the bottom of the cookie.

how to make cat cookies

  • Use the white royal icing and add a line on the nose. It makes a cute little highlight.
  • Pipe a small dot on the end of your turkey lacer (or toothpick) to add a drop of white to each eye. 
The ears are next:

sugar cookies

  • Pipe two triangle ears with the white royal icing.
  • Use the turkey lacer to help move it into place. 
Add a few dots on the whiskers:

Cat Cookies

  • Next, Add a drop of black royal icing to each whisker.
  • Add two pink eyebrows. 
  • You don’t have to, but you can add an outline to some or all of his face. I didn’t do all of his face and I liked the way it turned out. 
Pink nose or black nose?

Black nose or pink nose kitty cookies

I hope you get a chance to make some adorable kitty cookies. I know my granddaughter and I will bake and decorate some the next time we are together and I can’t wait! Hopefully, I can find the perfect cookie shape Tripp will want to decorate. Happy decorating my cookie friends!

Bear hugs,