Airbrush Cookies that Make You Say WOW!

I told you I would show you some airbrush cookies and I am a woman of my word! I didn’t tell you that I have been under the weather lately. I am getting better but it has slowed down my cookie decorating a bit. I called some of my friends because I needed help. I know I have said it before and I will say it again, I have some of the most wonderful and talented friends in the world! I was going to make a bunch of cookies and airbrush them for you but instead, we get to see airbrushed cookies from several different incredible cookie artists. These women are off the chart A-MAZ-ING and I love them all!

Enough talking, lets start gawking!

This is a perfect way to add some drama to your cookies with an airbrush gun. When I first saw these cookies my jaw hit the floor! I was totally mesmerized!  These cookies were made by my friend Brenda from Brenda’s Cakes Ohio. She has left me spellbound with more than once of here amazing sugar creations on  her blog and her Flickr page! She also uses the airbrush gun on her beautiful cakes!

I am sure you have seen these cookies before! They were made by my friend Callye aka SweetSugarBelle. Her tutorial on these cookies can be found here. She didn’t use an airbrush gun for these. Instead, she used the Wilton Color Mist Spray (more on that another day). You can do the same thing with an airbrush gun! She is so talented she could decorate blindfolded with both hands tied behind her back and still create a MASTERPIECE!

I am in love with these cookies! Marlyn of Montreal Confections is an airbrush artist, cookie artist and cake artist! Let’s just face it, she has wicked mad decorating skill!! She sprayed these cookies with a touch of color and then sprayed them with the Pearl Sheen to give them a gorgeous pearl finish! This is one of the beautiful creations that made me want an airbrush gun!

But wait, there is more! Look how she used the airbrush gun to make these crab cookies ! She took a simple red color and and made cookies with character! I love how she did these! Marlyn is the one who taught me how to use an airbrush gun. Her extensive portfolio can be seen here. I stalk this woman every chance I get! Did you know you were being followed Marlyn? Don’t worry, it is just me! hehehe

But wait, there is even more by Marlyn!  She told me this is her favorite airbrushed cake! WOW! I see why! She didn’t have to mix and roll several different fondant colors for the bottom tire of this cake. She rolled and covered with one color, airbrushed and then added zebra stripes. Beautiful cake with awesome colors made easier with an airbrush gun!

I know you have seen these cookies! Ali from Ali Bee’s Bake Shop posted these butterflies Monday and I could not drag myself away from the computer! Her cookies are individual works of art. She is incredibly talented!!!! She made a video tutorial on these that left me speechless and let me tell you friends, that takes some doing!! She combined airbrushing with hand painting to achieve this showstopping effect! I am still speechless!!!! My hubby thanks you for that Ali! He pulls up your video for me so he can watch the game in peace!!

This heart cookie is made by my friend Pam aka Cookie Crazie and boy she has a big heart! She uses the money she gets from her cookies to help women in the Ukraine through her mission work. Amazing right? Cookies helping the world! GO PAM GO!

I love the speckled look of this one! It makes my head spin with ideas on how to use this effect on other cookies! Can’t you just see this in bright colors on a tie-dyed t-shirt?  This cookie gives me SOOOO many ideas!

I know Spring is in the air but look at the FABULOUS FALL COOKIES  made by my friend Karen of Karen’s Cookies! She has an amazing tutorial on how she made these here. Her blog is full of information. She has made realistic looking fall leaves that knock my socks off! Look at the depth of those cookies. And she did it so much faster than piping and swirling one cookie at a time! Line them up and give them a good spray! DONE!

Add a squirrel and I am going NUTS over here! Wouldn’t this be a great set to take to your Thanksgiving dinner host? And since dinner is always at my house you must bring these cookies before I share my turkey with you!

I ended this post with Karen because I wanted to share how giving she is! She is giving you the coupon code bearfoot20 with a 20 percent discount to her store! If you want an airbrush gun, PME tips, or cookies cutter, or anything else she carries, here is your chance to get it cheaper!! Don’t worry if you have already used the code. She is so nice she is letting you use it again!

I want to say  thank you so much to all my cookie friends! Thank you for sharing your airbrushed cookies with us and taking the time to teach and inspire!

I will be back later this week with one more post on airbrushing but until then, go check out my friends blogs and Flickr pages!  You don’t need to make the bed or do laundry today! The dishes will be there tomorrow! Forget helping the kids with homework! Go look at some super talented and SUPER NICE decorators that inspire and encourage people everyday instead! You deserve a little time to yourself!

PS- don’t forget to get the kids from school! That would be bad so set a timer! hahaha

Happy Creating!