Airbrush Gun Spots -HELP!

“HELP! My airbrush gun is making spots all over my cookies! What do I do?” Have you ever said that before? I am going to tell you the secret on how to stop those airbrush gun spots.

Stop Airbrush Gun Spots on Your Cookies via www.thebearfootbaker.comWhen you see those spots on your finished cookies, it can make you want to cry after all that work baking, outlining, flooding and airbrushing. How sad is it that the beautiful bunny just got all spotty and yucky. Let me show you how to avoid that from here on out.

Stop Those Airbrush Gun Spots on Your Decorated Sugar Cookies

Airbrush Gun Spots:

Are you ready for the big airbrushing secret? It is a big one! Are you sure you are ready? Okay, here goes. When you airbrush cookies whether you are using a stencil or not, don’t stop moving the airbrush gun. If you stop for even a split second, you will cause spots to occur. It is kind of like spray painting something. Constant motion is what you need for an even spray. If you stop while the trigger is pulled, you will end up spraying too much color in one spot and it will mess up the cookies.

How to Stop Airbrush Gun Spots on my Sugar Cookies www.thebearfootbaker.comIf you notice on these rabbit cookies, you can tell they have been airbrushed twice. The first coat was the wood grain pattern from a stencil I got at The Cookie Countess. I placed the stencil into The Stencil Genie and sprayed the pattern onto the rabbit cookies. The cookie on the left has more spots than the cookie on the right because I didn’t let the wood grain pattern dry before I added a thin spray of color over the cookie.

Again, it is kind of like spray paint. If you need a second coat, you will need to wait a few minutes so the first coat can dry. Also, spray a light spray by gently pulling the trigger of the gun. If you pull too hard, the color will come out too fast and cause those ugly airbrush spots.

Stop Airbrush Gun Spots on Your Cookies with www.thebearfootbaker.comSo the secret to no more ugly airbrush spots it so spray lightly, and don’t stop moving when the trigger is pulled back. Keep it moving!

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