Airbrushing Royal Icing Transfers

As you know I have a slight obsession with royal icing transfers. I enjoy making them and using them to decorate cookies and cupcakes fast because it’s easy and stress-free. The only thing that I don’t like about them is sometimes my black transfers look a little dull after they dry. Don’t fret because I have a solution for you. Airbrushing royal icing transfers before you need them will keep them looking shiny.

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I thought a good example to share this little tip with you would be to make puppy dog noses. Have you heard if a dog’s nose isn’t shiny and wet looking then the puppy is sick? I hope puppies never get sick because I want them all to be happy, healthy and playful every day.

Can you tell which puppy is feeling a bit under the weather? The nose on the left is airbrushed and the one on the right hasn’t been airbrushed. In-person you can see the difference, but it’s kind of hard to tell by looking at the photo.

Supplies for Airbrushing Royal Icing Transfers:

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Small Nose Transfer
Medium Nose Transfer
Large Nose Transfer
Airbrush System

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This is reason 1,001 that I love my airbrush gun.  I love making royal icing templates in advance so they are always ready to use and the airbrush gun helps make them look shiny. I don’t airbrush my royal icing eyes because they dry with a shine but for some reason, the black always fades and looks dull. A little spray of the airbrush gun, while they are still attached to the wax paper, makes them perfect so they are ready when I am. Airbrushing royal icing transfers is fun and good practice for using your airbrush gun.

Airbrushing Royal Icing Transfers

I got the idea for these dogs from Callye over at Sweet Sugar Belle because she used these cutters to make the cutest horse cookies. When I asked her if she would let me make puppies with her design and she said, “Sure you can!” I love that girl because she’s the sweetest!!

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