Apple Royal Icing Transfers and Templates

I am so excited to bring you today’s apple royal icing transfers. The reason I am so excited is because I asked you all what royal icing transfers you would like to see on “Template Tuesday” and the response was amazing. I am working on making designs for you and here is one just in time for back to school and fall.

Apple Royal Icing Transfers thebearfootbaker.comAren’t these beautiful! I can say that because it is true and I didn’t make them. A fellow blogger, Amsita from Compulsive Foodie, sent me a message asking for apple royal icing transfers templates.

It was funny because I just finished making apple templates. She wanted to make them by a certain date for a welcome back luncheon for the teachers. I asked her when she needed them and I knew I couldn’t get my post done by then so, I emailed her the templates. She did an amazing job on them! I didn’t even make cupcakes to go with mine like I had planned after seeing how beautiful and perfect here were. I asked her if I could use her photos for this post and she made my day when she said yes!

Supplies for Apple Royal Icing Transfers:

Red 15 Second Icing
Chocolate Jimmies
Apple Royal Icing Transfer Sprinkles
Small Apple Royal Icing Transfers
Medium Apple Royal Icing Transfers
Large Apple Royal Icing Transfers
Optional-Red Sanding Sugar or Airbrush Gun
Wax Paper

Apple Royal Icing Transfers with thebearfootbaker.comHere are more pictures Asmita sent for us. I love her cupcakes! Look at the perfect swirl and those adorable sprinkled apples. I love everything about them!

I need to take a class from her.  If you get a chance, you should head over to her blog. You won’t be sorry because it is full of amazing recipes and inspiration.

Easy Apple Royal Icing Transfers the bearfootbaker.comThese transfers couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is print the templates and prepare your work surface like we did here.
Then, with your red icing, fill in the apple template. I chose not to do the leaf but, I added it in case you all wanted it.

If you want to add sprinkles like Asmita did, add them while the icing is wet.

Once your apple is piped, add a Chocolate Jimmie in the top. You can place them in flat or at a slight angle. I prefer the angle because I have plans for these babies this fall. I want them to look a little more rustic.

Cute Apple Royal Icing Transfers thebearfootbaker.comAnd since I was going for a more rustic apple, I added a little brown airbrush color to the edge and then lightly sprayed the rest of the apple so they would remain shiny. I love the way they turned out. It reminds me of the apple in Snow White. I just hope I am not the creepy old witch in the story since I did make the apples. Yikes!

Simple Apple Royal Icing Transfers thebearfootbaker.comYou don’t have to airbrush them if you don’t want to. They are cute and simple if you just outline and fill the patterns. I also wanted to point out something else. I sometimes use cutting boards for my RI Transfers but, Sweet Sugar Belle showed us how to use a baking sheet and I am thankful she did. I always place the template so it is right side up when the edge it is on is facing me. That way, I don’t have to pipe them upside down or reach really far on the baking sheets. I have the full sheets and they are rather large. Anyway, that is my tip for the day.

Apple Royal Icing Transfers with by thebearfootbaker.comI wanted to leave you with some eye candy! Thank you so much Amsita for allowing us to drool over your cupcakes and apple royal icing transfers! I wish I would have seen yours before I made mine. I would have added sprinkles. 😉

If you want to see the PTA luncheon pictures from Asmita, click here. The teachers are her school are so blessed!
For information on how to store royal icing transfers, click here.

Bear Hugs,