Baby Elf Cookies for Christmas

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I mean what’s not to love, right? There are beautiful decorations, amazing cookies, shopping, wrapping presents, time with family, giving gifts and seeing the recipient’s smiles and if you are lucky, you will have snow. It is very magical.

One thing I love about being is cookie decorator is creating cookies for Christmas. When I make Christmas cookies I feel like I am in Santa’s workshop. There are hundreds of cookies bakes and waiting for icing while Christmas music plays in the background. My house smells like gingerbread. All that is missing are a few elves. Do what do I do about that little problem? I make baby elf cookies of course.
Baby Elf Cookies by www.thebearfootbaker.comWhen you make cookies, you can make them any way you want. I love babies so baby elf cookies seemed like the perfect way to complete baking season. I think he is cute but he needs friends.

 Supplies for Baby Elf Cookies:

Baby Cookie Cutter from Karen’s Cookies
Kookie Kultura Cookie Cutters
Santa Hat- Any Santa hat that will fit the elf head.
Piping bags fitted with #2 tips with 15 Second Icing in the following colors:
Electric Green
Flesh tone
Leaf Green
4mm Black Edible Beads 
White Sprinkles-optional

Baby Elf Cookies

The baby elf cookies were totally inspired by my Baby Geek Cookies. The more I see these cutters the more babies I want to make. This cookie would be great for a babies first birthday.

  • Cut out the baby body and use the Kookie Kultura head to cut off the baby head. This will also make a grove where the new head will fit.
  • Next, cut out a hat cookie.
  • Then, cut off the top of the hair with the hat cookie cutter and line it up with the baby’s head.
  • Bake the cookies according to the recipe directions. 

Baby Elf Cookies via

  • Outline and flood the hat and the diaper with the electric green icing.
  • Next, outline and flood the face with the flesh tone icing. Immediately pipe 2 white circles for the eyes and add two 4 mm black edible beads. Adding icing to wet icing is called “wet on wet technique.”
  • Then, outline the shirt and sleeves with the red icing. If you notice in the picture, the top of the sleeves do not touch the flesh colored face. If you want them to touch you should let the face dry for several hours before piping the red to avoid bleeding issues.
  • Flood the sleeves and add 2 electric green strips to each sleeve. In the picture above you will notice that the hair has been added. Don’t add the hair just yet. You want to reduce the risk of bleeding so let the face dry for several hours.
  • Let the cookies dry overnight.

Baby Elf Cookies via

  • Next, flood the hair with the brown icing and overlap the flesh color slightly so the hair looks like it is on the face. If you pipe beside it and not on the flesh color, your cookie will look like it has a bad toupee instead of cute baby hair.
  • Flood the shirt with the red. Using the wet on wet technique, add the electric green stripes while the red icing is wet.
  • Then, add the arms, nose and mouth and let the cookie dry for a few more hours. You may need to wait to add the arms or pipe them so they do not touch the red shirt to avoid bleeding issues.
  • Let this dry for a few more hours.

Some people don’t have humidity issues but for those of us that do, you need to be patient and wait before you add the colors too quickly. If you rush, your flesh color could have brown or red icing bleeding onto it. No one wants that.

  • Outline and flood the ball and fir on the hat. Add white sprinkles and shake off the excess.
  • Pipe the feet with the flesh tone icing and let them dry for about 20 minutes.
  • Add 3 toes to each foot by piping every other toe and let them dry for a few minutes before adding the last two. This will make the toes look individual instead of like one big blob across the top of the feet. 
  • Add the leaf green collar and you are all done.

Baby Elf Cookies with www.thebearfootbaker.comIf you were as busy as Santa’s elves this year, I hope you can slow down and enjoy the rest of your Christmas.  This truly is a magical time of year so I hope you can take time to smell the cookies.

I also want to take this time to thank all of you for reading this blog and following along on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. This cookie journey has been one of greatest journeys of my life and I am honored you chose to spend your time with me.

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Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!


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