#5: Baking a Difference with Bernie David

Meet Bernie David of Tender Hands Inc. and Sweet Street Bakery. Bernie lives in India with her husband Bennet and they are baking a difference. They have found a very unique and special way to use cookies and baked goods to help underprivileged women. These aren’t women who have just lost a job or don’t have rent money. They need to learn skills and grow confidence.

Bernie and Bennet are using baked good to teach these women how to bake and operate a business. They stay with Tender Hands Inc. for 8 months and once the training is complete, they have a chance to work at Sweet Street Bakery. These new skills give them a chance to learn how they can support themselves.

5 Bake a Difference with Bernie David from Helping Hands | The Bearfoot Baker

Baking a Difference with Bernie David

India has been listed as the fourth most dangerous country for women in the world. Forced marriage, poverty, and so many things these women could face. Bernie and her husband are working every day to help empower them with new skills to give them a chance to take care of themselves and help support their families.

5 Baking a Difference with Bernie David from Tender Hands Inc and Sweet Street Bakery | The Bearfoot Baker

Look how proud these women are showing off their new skills. Their work is beautiful!

If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, what are you waiting for? I think you should go do it now. Bernie has a great story to share on how we can all help. If you want to know where your money goes, she’s made a chart that explains things in more detail. Bernie said, Don’t think you are too small to make a difference! She also said, Be open to the unexpected.

If you want to make a donation to help, here are the things you can sign up for:

5 Baking a Difference with Bernie David Tender Hands Inc.Donation Info | The Bearfoot Baker

Donate HERE

Five dollars can make a difference so please consider helping.

Baking a Difference

If you want to follow Bernie, here is where you can find her on social media. Stop by and let her know we are thinking of her.

Instagram: Spring Street Bakery
Facebook: Tender Hands India
Twitter: Spring St Bakes

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