BEE-Ware the Cute Hunny Bees are Here eBook

Oh my goodness! I’m so excited to tell you about my new eBook! Say hello to the “BEE-Ware the Cute Hunny Bees are Here!” ebook! It was so much fun making these cookies bee cause bees are adorable when they can’t sting you! Now don’t get me wrong, I love live bees, honey, and pretty much all things bees, but there is something about a cute bee cookie that makes my heart flutter. Bee cookies, hunny cookies, beehive cookies, hunny pot cookies, bee, The Bearfoot Baker, The Cookie Network, sugar cookies, royal icing

If your anything like me at all, I think you’ll agree that a bee cookie is a great way to celebrate summer.

The Cookie Network

This set of cookies can be found on The Cookie Network along with other fun and cute tutorials, ebooks, and free royal icing transfers. This ebook will teach you how to make the boy and girl bees, honeycombs, beehives, and hunny pots. It will also instruct you on how to airbrush each cookie. It also includes three royal icing transfer templates! Two were used in the set and one set for fun for you to use later.

This cookie eBook has five cookie designs, three royal icing transfer patterns, links to the products, and formulas for the royal icing colors, and it’s only $5.99! But hold on there’s more! The “BEE-Ware the Cute Hunny Bees are Here” Video will be released soon! I haven’t announced this yet and I’m super excited to tell you about it now. When you purchase a video from The Cookie Network you automatically get the eBook for free! You’ll be able to see me decorating the cookies so you can decorate along with me and you can look at the printed directions and follow along. I’ve got you covered!

You might be wondering if you buy the ebook now how will you get it free later. Good question! When you purchase the ebook we’ll give you a $5.99 discount code that will remove that amount from the price of the video. How great is that? An ebook and video for one price!

Get Your eBook Today on The Cookie Network!

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Be sure to check out the videos, ebooks, and free royal icing transfers (coming soon) on The Cookie Network. And remember, when you buy a video you will receive a code or the ebook for free. Most of the time I’ll launch the ebook and video together, but today, I’m a little backward and the ebook is first because I can’t contain my excitement!

I’ll add the video soon and I’m already working on the next set. I can’t wait for you to see what’s next!

Bear hugs,